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  1. Is It Live or On the Shelf?

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    Many live recordings sound the opposite: dead. Reasons range from over-compressed mixes to poorly mic'd instruments but one thing is certain; some leap the hurdles to become sonic gems treasured by many listeners and admirers. As a result, some of our LIVE albums collect dust, while others see...
  2. Stuffing under sofa and behind books in shelf?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, Got a couple of book shelves full of books and a couch made of fabric that has a hollow space under it. The book shelf is from IKEA (EXPEDIT) and is fairly deep, much deeper than the books so I thought about using polyfill or similar (using cheap pillows) to stuff behind the books and under...
  3. Shelf LS placement

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello good lads of this forum ;) I am at the midst of deciding where to mount my loudspeakers, I will mount them HIGH with a tilt on shelfs on the walls, the only question is where. sketchup file due to my unique seating position, im not sure what would be the simplest and most effective...
  4. Open shelf versus ceiling mount

    Home Theater Projectors
    When installing a projector for ceiling installation is there any benefit to installing an open shelf versus a manufactored ceiling mount? My projector install is going to require center of lens to be about 22" down from finished ceiling. A shelf would be easy to install and unobtrusive as well...
  5. Lighted Display corner shelf

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    My house has one of those old, corner built-ins..it houses some gas equipment, so I cant get rid of it completely..I tore out the top shelves and installed some theater curtains and a LED light bar..I still have some finishing work and paint on the built it,and iron some of the wrinkles on the...
  6. Is new budget better than aged top shelf?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    You know like many in my research for my theater upgrade a thousand considerations are processed as to what you will finial lay the money down for. As some of you my know I am in the market for a new PRE-PRO, Rear speakers and possibly even a complete Amp replacement. Thing is I know little...
  7. Decent off the shelf paint for diy screen

    DIY Screens
    Hi Folks, I've been lurking around for awhile and have gotten a lot of great information from a lot of people here. I'm putting the finishing touches on my modest home theater and I've decided, for the time being, to go with a painted screen. My ultimate goal is to have a AT screen with...
  8. Computer speakers, wall shelf, TH sub

    DIY Speakers
    This is a constant evolution of shuffling building stuff here and there. These "book shelf" speakers, and tapped horn sub use recycled components of my previous Polk Rt1000 tower speakers. Very mid grade stuff. I am using the drivers from my other computer speakers to make a pair of 3 way...
  9. Floating Shelf AV Rack

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    So I've been tossing the idea of a semi floating shelf rack for under the TV. The problem is, there isn't much of anything I've found to purchase for this that is strong enough for a heavy receiver, center speaker, etc. The basic idea is that the support arms that hold the shelves are bolted...
  10. House Curve via shelf filter

    REW Forum
    How do you execute a house curve with a shelf filter. My EQ devise is a Mini DSP? I have played around and I am not happy with the results I am getting.
  11. Need Projector Shelf Construction Advice

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'm building a dedicated theater in my basement. The projector will be mounted on a built-in cantilevered shelf on the rear wall. I am going to frame it to the wall studs, top with 3/4" ply, cover other 4 sides in drywall and trim, and paint to match the walls for a built-in look. I am...
  12. Good wall shelf for the center speaker?

    AV Home Theater
    I got my svs STS-01 The middle speaker is the SCS-01(M) I need a shelf to let that speaker be on above the tv. Anyone know a good shelf to get?
  13. shelf system rack out of 1x3 and 1x4 wood

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    got it built and its venting alot better
  14. Shiva X Extended Bass Shelf

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    I have a pair of Shiva X's which I am going to use in my new three way speaker system (when we get the new house built) & I was wondering if they could be used in an extended bass shelf design. I don't listen to music or movies at high levels but would like to get a bit deeper bass. My current...
  15. Any off the shelf N8.5 paints identified yet?

    DIY Screens
    I've been away from this forum for a while, however, i was wondering if anyone has identified any good off the shelf paints in the N8.5 shade range? Also as a side note, anyone identified any good Benjamine Moore paints, be it in the N8, N8.5, or N9 range? Thanks, Harry
  16. Neutral Grays and Simple Off the Shelf Solutions

    DIY Screens
    There is a niche for simple off the shelf methods. Some people that come here and to other sites are looking for a DIY screen can quickly become inundated with so many methods ranging from advanced mixes to single sheet applications, to BOC, exotic fabrics and mirrors, and Acoustically...