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  1. Generic/DCX2496 shelving filters center frequency

    REW Forum
    Hello, I'm the developer of Equalizer APO and I'm currently working on support for filter types other than peaking filters. I would like to support all filters types the "Generic" equalizer supports and stumbled over the LS/HS 6 dB/12 dB filters (which seem to be copied from the DCX2496). These...
  2. modeling shelf filters in WinISD

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Is it possible to model shelving filters such as the ones used in Behringer Inuke DSP amps and DCX2496 processors? I've seen people use LT in WinISD to emulate 2nd order low shelving filter but I did not grasp the principals behind it and could not tell how to modify it to change the slope and...
  3. DCX2496 shelving filters...how?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    replaced my broken DEQ with the DCX, and now I cannot find anywhere (manual, online, etc) on how to setup a simple stupid low pass shelving filter at 6db/oct :hissyfit: I know I'm being a m0ron and it's likely right in front of me...can someone be kind enough to show me how to do it from the...
  4. Building shelving around my RPTV

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Right Now I have a pioneer av unit and a dish network dvr ... I also have a 50 inch Hitachi RPTV.. I am using rebuilt Fisher ST-828's for the front , and Pioneer Surrounds for the center, sides and rear ..and a 100watt powered Yamaha 10 inch sub .. This is a 7.1 setup.. I am planning on building...
  5. backlit glass shelving?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I've seen pictures of various peoples cabinets, and some have glass shelves that seem to glow. I'm considering doing this in a project I am working on. I need some links to pages/sites that talk about how that was done - what kind of lights to use - how to affix to the back of the shelf etc...