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  1. Sherwood Newcastle R-972 LP conversion

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I'm currently running my Pioneer PL-D II TT through the Tape Input jack on my SN R-972. (no phono jack obviously) I want to rip my vinyl into a digital format for portability. I was considering using the Tape Out jacks to a Line In jack on my PC. Theoretically this should work, but wanted to put...
  2. sold pioneer got a sherwood newcastle

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Well sold my pioneer vsx-820 and a got sherwood Newcastle r-956 paid $80 for it and it is like new works 100% got remote and that works all the manuals an certificate of performance. it sounds soo good! anything I should know about this receiver.
  3. FS: Sherwood R-972 like new!

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    If anyone is interested,I'm selling the Sherwood R-972(to late to return it) it was only used for a couple of months before being packed back in the box. The batteries for the remote haven't even been cracked open and the remote hasn’t even been used.It just lacks some of the sonic qualities...
  4. Sherwood R-977

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi there. I was looking to change mi Pioneer VSX-829-K and i saw in Sherwood USA a new receiver "R-977 Advanced 7.1ch Networking Receiver" Any review ?????
  5. Are Sherwood receivers good?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I am new to home theater. I have finally decided to take the plunge on a 2.0 setup. I will work my way up from there. But my question is are Sherwood receivers any good? What is the difference in Sherwood and Sherwood Newcastle? My budget is less than $400 and it seems like there are some in my...
  6. PE Sherwood DVD player sale.

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    I don't normally post things like this, but I thought I'd share in case this is useful to someone here. Sherwood VD-4500 I'm not even in the market, but I thought it might be a cheap fix for a church or school that just needs a player or replacement. I know cheap players are always on the...
  7. Sherwood Newcastle R-972

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi All, I am just finishing completely setting up my theater room with my new Sherwood Newcastle R-972. Up to this point it has been a mix of boxes, paint and tools that I would push in the corner while I enjoyed the movie. I had a problem with the R-972 when I tried to use the Trinnov...
  8. Sherwood BDP-5004

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Does anyone have any experience with the Sherwood BDP-5004 BluRay player?
  9. Sherwood bdp-5003 blu-ray player

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    A new Blu-Ray player from Sherwood. I know what I feel about this product, what are your views? Sherwood BDP-5003 Blu-ray Player Reviewed * By: Andrew Robinson * - Reviewer's System * Category: * Blu-ray Player Reviews, Equipment Reviews, Video Reviews * Resources &...
  10. Sherwood RD-6502 for active speaker system

    DIY Speakers
    I am building some active open baffle speakers which I wish to be actively crossed over. I am short of amps and noticed that the Sherwood RD-6502 has separate inputs to the power amps. Or at least I think it does. I thought people on this forum may know more about this amp than some of the...
  11. Sherwood rd-7503

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    There are literallly a plethora of A/V receivers on the market today. And while that is usually a good thing, for making a choice, to get started with one, you normally lose some features or benefits. But not in this case. This Sherwood receiver is 100 watts x7, it will decode the current...
  12. Sherwood P-965 pre/pro for sale...

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! Price drop to $400! plus actual shipping charges! This is a steal! Ok, I'm tired of hanging on to this thing. So now we'll have a one time deal. $400 and you pay actual shipping charges! :eek: I need this thing gone! It works perfectly! Some of the best sound quality you...
  13. Sherwood

    Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Sherwood America Corporation www.sherwoodusa.com 13101 Moore Street Cerritos, CA 90703 562-741-0960 EXT 103
  14. Sherwood Newcastle R-972 Looks like a Winner

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Nice price point at $1500 with a ton of current features. Sherwood Newcastle R-972 HDMI 1.3 Receiver MSRP: $1499 Sherwood revamped their entire line of A/V receivers and displayed them at CES. Not only did they acclimate into the 21st century with their first HDMI enabled receivers but they...