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  1. Phase shift correction

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I've been speaking to a audio guru about an active speaker setup that I'm working on and he's said the phase response is critical to good sound. I know we can view this in REW, so can we do anything about it with the minidsp? Or is it all about overall design? Appreciate your thoughts...
  2. 4k vs. Pixel Shift

    Home Theater Projectors
    Maybe I've missed this discussion. I read all the reviews and check all the manufacturers web sites. It seems like the only 4K options in projectors are sony's 4K units or everyone else's 1080p units with some form of pixel shift technology. I've seen the JVC projectors in various showrooms...
  3. Phase shift at 1k in all measurments

    REW Forum
    Hi all I have a phase shift at 1K in all my measurements no matter what driver is measured. Can anyone help me with this?
  4. ESPN to Drop 3D Channel and Shift Focus to 4K

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    The popularity of 3D television just didn't hit the mark, in general at least, and that remains true in the world of sports. ESPN plans to discontinue it's 3D channel by the end of this year, an experiment they started in 2010. With the 3D exit, ESPN has plans to jump past 1080p and and...
  5. Make Shift Home Theater Equipment List

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    For those interested here is a list of my home theater equipment: - HC4000 Mitsubishi 1080P Projector - An Elite Screens 150 inch Pull down. I'd eventually like to go for a fixed frame, but got the Elite for cheap. - 4 Yamaha NS-777 Speakers - DV62CLR-S BIC Center Speaker - HTR-5860 Yamaha...
  6. lens shift impact on image

    Home Theater Projectors
    I am installing an Epson 8350 to project onto a 110" screeen I am using a ceiling mount and will be installing approx 15' from screen so I believe the zoom will address filling the screen. But I am thinking of shifting the unit almost 2' to align with some existing wiring. As I read about the...
  7. Lens shift required?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Anyone have any pointers on how to know if I need lens shift, before I actually get the projector and screen set up in my room?
  8. Sony Kp-46wt510 convergence issue, can't shift red up and down

    My set recently displayed a rather typical convergence issue with RGB seperating, the flash focus tool did nothing to alleviate the problem, and I couldn't move red or blue up/down or left/right in manual convergence. I ordered a kit for my tv from tvrepairkits which I believe is familiar to...
  9. Phase Shift Audible?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    When using a parametric EQ, what factors contribute to a more noticeable and audible phase shift. Is there any disadvantage to using a lot of filters besides phase shift? Is phase shift one of those things that everyone agrees is bad but normally is not much of a noticable issue. For...
  10. optoma HD70 image shift ?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Does using the image shift on the projector effect the picture quality like keystone does?
  11. Do impulse response filters create phase and time shift

    REW Forum
    I have generated the necessary measurements using REW. I am happy with the results of the exported filters as wav. file. I have measured the response after the convolver wav. file was loaded. It is much flatter and quite satisfactory. My question is- do the filters that REW implements to change...
  12. Sanyo lens shift adjustment

    Home Theater Projectors
    Could someone explain how the vertical and horizontal lens adjustment on a projector like the Sanyo Z works? I've looked over the manual and it isn't clear to me how the range of motion operates, can the pictures position be adjusted anywhere from point a to b of the adjustment ark?
  13. Vertical Lens Shift

    Home Theater Projectors
    Does anyone have a good general reference/discussion for vertical lens shift (VLS)? I know that each projector is different in the amount of VLS it is capable of. The basic issue is that I have a complicated ceiling/roof line issues for the future home of the MitchOK Theater. I am beginning...