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  1. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Getting started 1 red led stanby light is on. Push power button greenlight blinks several time and then goes back into stanbyby solid red led. 2 if I unplug and hold down the power button and power up TV will usually turn on for 7-15 min and then shutdown. Can anyone give me a Idea on what...
  2. System Setup and Connection
    I have hooked up 2 cv900 amps to Onkyo 805 receiver thru preouts do i still have 130w plus 210w ch of amp power or does the Onkyo internal amps shutdown. Leaving 210w ch total? It would be nice to know, If anyone can help thanks!
  3. Samsung
    Samsung SP43W6HF has a convergence problem. In the manual convergence (service) section, Green was showing a double image in the horizontal plane in some parts of the grid. Found bad resistors on the convergence board -replaced. Auto-convergence not effective, so I had a good play with the...
  4. Mitsubishi
    I have WS-65311 but the same 2-2 problem. I checked the fuses and notice only the 5 AMP F9A05 is open. To make sure my convergence ICs are problem or not, I decided to change the fuse and if it pops up then I go for those ICs. I looked for the fuse here locally in Phoenix but all I could find...
  5. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Lots of DIY'ers are attempting these repairs these days. This thread will provide some tips based on my experience doing hundreds of these repairs over many years. This is general information on the basics of these types of repairs. Even so, it would be useful for many repair techs as well as...
  6. Mitsubishi
    Hello. This is my first post so lets see if I can get this right and maybe get pointed in the right direction. I have a Mitsubishi WS55819 which I purchased new in November 2001. We also purchased a 5-yr Maint Contract through Phillips Priority Service. Last year (2005) I had occasion to...
1-6 of 6 Results