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    I am having probelms with my signature avs2000. When I turn it on all it does is making a beeping sound. It working fine one minute and the next not working. Can anyone help me? thanks
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    I just recently purchased a pair of GS60's and had a question about a couple things on them. 1. How many port bungs should have been included in the boxes? I only got 2 but the manual mentions plugging all 4 ports to see how the sound is in your particular room then try removing 2...then all...
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    Hi there, I have a VCC-1 Signature available. It's in oak, and is very clean. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll send pictures ASAP. This guy should be worth around $450. Thanks!
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    Hi there, In early December 2006, I was lucky enough to acquire a pair of Vandersteen 3A Signature loudspeakers. I bought these used from a gentleman in California via Audiogon, and I believe they were created sometime in 2003 (according to the seller, as well as whoever answered the phone...