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    I have two different systems in my second home. I have a dedicated Stereo set up with an Ayre integrated amplifier and Vandersteen 2 ce Signature speakers. I also have an Ayre CD player for CD's and an Oppo BDP-105 for Movies & SACD;s. In my primary home, I have a Home Theatre Atmos/Stereo...
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 PC petition attracts 200,000 signatures A petition asking Rockstar to release a PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is gaining momentum. At time of writing, 208,641 gamers had indicated their support for the GTA 5 port, with 91,359 more needed before the...
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    http://www.avrev.com/news/0907/20.paradigm.jpg Paradigm Reference Adds 3 New Signatures Series Speakers Paradigm Electronics Inc. introduces three additions to its award-winning Paradigm® Reference Signature Series. Working models of the Signature S1 bookshelf, C1 center channel and ADP1...
  5. DIY Speakers
    Yesterday Ryan, Jon, Gudrun, and myself met to compare Jon's recently finished Modula MTs (a design ny Jon Marsh from htguide.com) to Ryan's Ascend 340 Signatures. Some background that may or may not be informative is that in my comparing of speakers last year, the Ascend 340s bested many...
1-5 of 6 Results