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  1. REW Forum
    Hello, my home cinema setup is in an L-shaped room. Is it possible with REW to do a simulation of an L-shaped room?
  2. REW Forum
    I put in all my information on the room and not sure what to make of all this. Does this mean my room modes are concentrated around the 40hz and every octave after? It's a tad weird because I have a cathedral ceiling the length of the room where it's 8' walls and 12' peak so I put in 10' for...
  3. REW Forum
    Is there any plan to add a feature for room simulation for rooms with strange shapes? It would be great to draw the map of the room (or input a cad file).
  4. REW Forum
    Last year I found myself wanting to study the effect of multiple subwoofers, so I wrote a simulation for rectangular rooms that supports up to 4 subwoofers and a pair of speakers. I've finally got around to tidying it up and including it in the latest REW beta release. I'm curious to know how...
  5. REW Forum
    Does the modal simulation routine calculates wave interference at the listening position? It seems not... Thanks, Harrt
  6. REW Forum
    Hi all, Im using J River media center to eq my speakers at the moment, and it works like a charm! Next thing is to try and run my speakers active with the crossovers running inside JRMC! Exciting times!:D Now, using REW, I would like to measure each driver inside there respective enclosures...
  7. REW Forum
    Hi HTS! I found the nifty feature in v5 which simplifies a few things for me. After messing with with it some, it doesnt appear to take into account 1/4 or 1/8th wave resonances. My main application is the car environment. For most smaller cabins, it will list the 1/2 wave resonance but nothing...
  8. Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello ! I am building a new HT room and I am searching for a simulation software to calculate sound refelxion to localize acoustic panels and base trap. etc. I know there is someting for that on the net but I could not find it again (I sould save a bookmark for that...) Is someone on the...
  9. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    EA Feels GT5 is the Bar for Racing Simulation But Has Too Many Cars 12/02/2010 Written by Jonathan Leack While racing simulation hasn’t been a genre watered down by dozens of franchises, a new contender recently entered the ring. Slightly Mad Studios and EA recently joined...
1-9 of 10 Results