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  1. Smoking in the Home Theater???

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Well, I'm a smoker and I do smoke in the house sometimes..Will smoking in my theater room cause harm to my projector, as far as yellowing the bulb or create some sort of smoke screen inside the unit??..I do keep the shutter closed,when not in use..Could it also mess up the clarity on my screen...
  2. Energy amp smoking, please help me fix

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I have an energy s8.3 plate amplifier (100 watts rms). Long story short - used a 4ohm sub, the amp turned out to be 8ohm stable - fuse blew. Replaced the fuse, and as soon as I plugged it in, fuse immediately blew again (with no signal going to the amp). Same thing happened once more (third...
  3. Smoking in my 2-Channel Room....How bad is it?

    Two Channel Audio
    Hi, I know I probably going to get the rath of a lot of you......and I probably deserve it. I do smoke in my 2 channel dedicated 11'x13' listening room. I know this is probably a big "NO NO", but after a long hard day at the office, I really enjoy a couple of cold beers and to a smoker...