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  1. Mobile Projection Solution

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello all. New member here and first time post. One of my clients is looking for a Projection solution. He provides financial services and at the moment has been mainly presenting his PowerPoint and Excel presentations on a Samsung 60" television. The television is affixed to the wall of his...
  2. Cheap isolation solution

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Mapleshades has some product called "isoblocks" which is a dual rubber membrane with a cork core. My uncle knows by these. The price isn't too extreme... $40 for a set for 2x2" and $24 for a set of 1.5" x 1.5" found here:http://shop.mapleshadestore.com/Isoblocks/products/1/ anyway my uncle...
  3. inuke 1000dsp on/off solution???

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hi everybody. I'm looking for solution to automatically power on / off inuke 1000dsp amp with the receiver? Really appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.:dontknow:
  4. Home Theater Solution

    Home Theater Solution Questions.
  5. Over the fireplace mount....the only solution

    I purchased this mount after struggling to watch TV over my fireplace for 2 years. There was nowhere else for me to mount this TV and it was always uncomfortable so I avoided watching TV in the living room and used the TV in the kitchen instead. I searched online and saw a few different...
  6. Stereo Speakers - best wall mount solution under 600 EUR

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello everybody! I'm looking for new speakers to use mainly (85%) for movies, but also sometimes for music. The source will be a Desktop with a X-Fi Music. Because I don't have much free space in my room, I'd be happy with a 2.0 solution, where I don't need a subwoofer or a center. My...
  7. Vizio Launches a New Flagship Sound Bar Solution

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    There’s probably little doubt that the typical Home Theater Shack member desires nothing less than a 5.1 system to feed their yearning for a high quality home theater experience. That’s not to say that we all have the space or the budget for a multichannel system tethered to every display in...
  8. Help out a Noob with Beginning to End Concept for Hard Drive Movie Solution

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I'm Cut and Pasting this from my welcome page.... I've tried a few searches and I can't seem to put a finger on what I'm truly looking for? I would like to set up an 8 or 12 terra byte home movie set up. I have in the neighborhood of 3000 movies still in their jewel cases. I would love to...
  9. Best Wireless HDMI solution?

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a wireless HDMI solution that will send video from my Denon AVR-X4000 zone 2 HDMI output to a second TV. There is no way to run cables so wireless is our only option. I am looking for minimal lag in case I want to play some Xbox while my wife is sleeping :D What...
  10. Simple Dual Zone Home Theatre/Outdoor Setup Solution??

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hey guys I want to start by thanking you all for your help with this. I have been to a few of the major retailers trying to find answers and each time the price seemed to keep going up with way more advanced equipment than I think I need. Here is what I have and am looking to do. I have a small...
  11. Comb filtering solution?

    REW Forum
    Hi guys - I recently started using REW to analyze my HT (living) room. I ran tests of the left and right front speakers individually, and the results indicate significant comb filtering from roughly 1k on up. On the left wall of the room there's a large window, so an absorber panel isn't an...
  12. OTA DVR solution

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Overview: Soon I will be getting rid of Direct TV, so I am in the process of look for replacement solution for my TV entertainment. I have a Amazon Prime and Netflix member ship, a PS3 on my main TV and a Roku on my secondary TV. I think this combo should work fine to cover my internet...
  13. Floor Bounce Solution

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Using ETC measurements, I am getting a -17db floor bounce. I would like to get that below -20db if not lower. I have tried every rug I have and piling them on top of each other also. I know its a floor bounce and where because when I put a scrap piece of 2" OC703 on the right spot, the ETC...
  14. Video Wall Solution

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hey gang, any recommendations on an inexpensive video wall solution for six displays?
  15. $300 system w/ wireless rear speaker or solution to line problems

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi guys I'm a complete newbie in home theatre and I don't have a big budget. I'm not looking for a true WOW factor system, but rather just an improvement over TV speakers. I read the above sticky and I know my budget isn't nearly enough for any decent ones out there. I currently have the sony...
  16. Solution connecting game console

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi there, am had a sony tv kdl 40cx520 had a ps3 console home theater box Philips hts5590. to to connect the above so i can play with a better sound ? thank you Kind regards davey
  17. i Replace the Convergence but still no solution

    I have been reading these forum for about 2 weeks and found some post that i can related to but before i move on i just want to be sure if there may be a possible solution. The previous owner of a house that i just bought left these JVC AV56WP74 when i turned on o see the image like a 3D reddish...
  18. multiple sub solution

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I've bought the klipsch thx ultra 2 system and I want to discuss about what write in the link attached. I'm already thinking about an upgrade of 4 sub and this 3d let me understand if I "need" 4 sub and if the cost of the other two kw120thx and one ka1000thx is justified for the performance...
  19. Need solution advice.

    Two Channel Audio
    I wanted to finish up my stereo this year by adding a sub and pro amp. I wanted to use my older Yamaha surround receiver as a pre-amp. The problem/woes is that the receiver doesn't have a internal crossover. It has a sub out that has a 200hz cutoff, but the mains (that are bookshelf) get the...
  20. Cheap receiver solution until UMC arrives?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hi guys, I think I am one of the people who wait on the Emotiva UMC-1 here(/wave). Unfortunately my receiver could not wait for that, it broke down on me yesterday and I am in need of a new receiver to fill in the gap(processors are too much to pay for just for temporary solution). Here's the...