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  1. Creative Sound Solutions SDX7

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I haven't seen any mention of it on any of the boards, but I noticed today that the Extremis replacement SDX7 is now available from Creative Sound. It's an interesting looking driver. I wonder how long it will be until we see a project with it. It would look nice with the WR125 that has the...
  2. Neutral Grays and Simple Off the Shelf Solutions

    DIY Screens
    There is a niche for simple off the shelf methods. Some people that come here and to other sites are looking for a DIY screen can quickly become inundated with so many methods ranging from advanced mixes to single sheet applications, to BOC, exotic fabrics and mirrors, and Acoustically...
  3. custom size GIK and Sensible Sound Solutions panels

    Home Audio Acoustics
    What would custom 24"x24" GIK 242 panels cost? What would custom 2" 24"x24" Sensible Sound Solutions panels with bevel edge cost? Are the GIK panels better and at what frequency?
  4. BFD makes my sub amp pop, any solutions?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Anyway to eliminate the pop the BFD causes in my sub? I leave the BFD on all the time, but if the power ever went out and during loud volumes I'm worried the pop will damage my sub. Thanks Legairre