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  1. Jim's Living Room Remodel ... of sorts.

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I've been planning on spinning my living room around for a while. I finally took the plunge and ran cables during Father's Day weekend. Behind the entertainment center I now have four CAT6, two coax, and six 12 gauge speaker wires. This is an outside wall and it was a pain to do. Well worth the...
  2. Filling question, of sorts.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    How much stuffing would it take ( if possible ) to stuff a 2.5 ft^3 box into something say, almost 4 ft^3. And if that's not possible, either A.) What size could I get that box to think it is, or B.) Whats the smallest box with the most amount of 'stuffing' it could be to still get 4 ft^3?
  3. Another birthday (of sorts) for me.

    Care Chapel
    This is certainly weird timing, as Sonnie invited me to moderate a couple of the forums here yesterday and until then I never knew this section existed. Anyway, today is my other birthday. What, two birthdays? Yep. January 18, 2003 was the day I decided to get clean and stop using dope...