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sound isolation

  1. Living Room/Home Theater - Apartment Living

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello all, I recently acquired a soundbar and woofer and am now trying to plan the acoustics of the space such that the sound does not bother my neighbors and the echo is minimized. I have looked at sound isolators, acoustic paneling, foam and rugs as potential elements in this space to improve...
  2. Hoosier Home Theater - just getting started

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello all, I have finally decided to move forward and build a dedicated home theater room in my basement. Here is some general info: Width: 13 ' Length: approx 24' 8" Ceiling is 8'4" in main area and 7'4" in entrance area Entrance will be to the rear on the right leather couch 1st row 2nd row...