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  1. Noob Question about Calibrating Mobile Pre Soundcard.

    REW Forum
    Yes, I've seen the diagram. ;-) I have the MobilePre USB connected via USB to my Win7 laptop. I have a loopback cable going from the line in phono jack to the lineout jack. Is that all that needs to happen before I start the calibration of the card? (i.e, I do not need to make a physical...
  2. Help Calibrating my soundcard.

    REW Forum
    This is what I get when I measure the soundcard with the loopback.
  3. Rew system and soundcard. Am i ok?

    REW Forum
    Sorry to bother you all. Complete REW noob, but it really looks fantastic and I'm trying to impliment it in my theater. 1st question: I'm trying to run this with a p-3 700mhz computer that has 384K ram. I think I'm ok there. Yes? 2nd question: The soundcard is an internal Creative...