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  1. Panamax MB1000 spare parts

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Does anyone know where I can buy spare parts for the MB1000 2009 model? I tried googling to no avail.
  2. help powering sub with spare receiver

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    so I have this Kenwood KA-894 and want to incorperate it into my listening system whilst saving a buck. it sounds quite musical to my ears, but my DTA-100A(small Dayton Audio amp) still sounds better, so I plan on using it's hefty power for a subwoofer. 2x100 watts at <0.09% THD and 2x150 at 1%...
  3. Help me build two subs around my spare Behringer EPQ1200 amp please!!

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    so i was going to order two of those Dayton Sub-1200 subwoofers, but then i remembered i have this spare amplifier. Its marketed at 600 watts into 4 ohms x 2. not sure what high pass or the roll off is or if i would need any external eq protection for ported. im thinking two small ported subs...
  4. Spare Trio 12....

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I have a spare Trio 12 driver with a couple of plate amps (300W eD and a 240W Dayton) kicking around. I had the Trio in a sonosub, but dismantled it last year. Looking for options on a new build. Maybe something like a tapped horn or something exotic. Are there any pre-existing builds/plans...
  5. Dedicate Spare Sub to Mains or CC?

    System Setup and Connection
    I now have two subs, a 12" Velo and an 18" Velo. The 18" Velo is much better for LFE so I know I'll us it as such. Since the 12" is so much different I don't want to use is as another LFE sub so I want to add it to another stage, either the main fronts or the center. Which stage generally has...
  6. n00b Diagnosed w/ Audiophilia, Wife Reports Finding Money Pit in Spare Bedroom

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Howdy, folks, I'm planning to build a dedicated listening room in my new house. I'll be building this system from the ground up with a modest budget. I started off aiming to keep it under a grand, which quickly ballooned to $1500, but has since been shaved back a bit thanks to some awesome...
  7. Spare a pair of 1U Behringer rack ears?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I'm in need of a pair of 1U rack ears to fit a Behringer SRC2496 A/D/A converter. I bought it on Ebay, and I assume the previous owner had used it in a home theater setup, and therefore had discarded the ears. Now I need the ears to mount it in the rack in my studio. I thought someone might...
  8. My small spare bedroom theater

    Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    This is for anyone else out there that wants to do a small theater in a spare room, but not sure if you can pull off, you can. My room is 12'x9'6", with the back part of the room 11" wide and 9' ceilings. The room offers excellent immersion, and being that it is so small it did not break the...
  9. Converting a spare bedroom into a home theater

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have been lurking at HTS for several months now getting ideas for my home theater project. I thought it was time I post what I have been working on and get any feedback or suggestions that the community here may have. A little background. I have been interested in home theater for about 20...
  10. Jon F's spare bedroom theater

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Dedicated theater/video game room in spare bedroom Build Thread Room: 11'6" x 12'10" x 8' Projector: Sanyo PLV-Z2000 1080p LCD Screen: Do-Able Board 80" Constant Width (86-92" diagonal depending on aspect ratio of source material) Masking: Custom-built motorized horizontal masking controlled...
  11. Jon F's Spare Bedroom to Theater Room Thread

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I thought I'd put up a thread while I'm still working on my theater room. It's a dedicated theater/video game room in one of the spare bedrooms in our house. The room is 11'6" wide, 12'10" long at the longest, and has an 8' ceiling. Obviously, the room...
  12. 3 Subs, Winisd Critique If You Can Spare A Moment.

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    diy sub for my bro - big update** Hi All, Just modeled three subs, all 30litre box with a 3db gain at 38hz. Thing is the tang band 8" is modelling very well. Just from looking at the grpahs it looks the best to me, how can this be the case when compared with the adire dpl12 or the mivoc aw...
  13. Using spare drivers, but which to choose?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    It seems as though my 15" LMS 4000 needs a much larger enclosure that I currently have it in so it will be kept in storage and I'll be using something else, I just don't know which to go with and I don't have experience with either one. I plan to use a 5 cu. ft. sealed enclosure and just make...
  14. Using Spare PC to Feed the beast

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello everyone, I have a spare dell d600 with 2 gig of ram and a 100 gig hard drive. Is it possible to hook this PC up to my receiver/home theater system some how so I can stream video/audio to my system and enjoy it on the big screen? What would I need to buy to make this happen? I assume I...
  15. Ilkka's spare parts?

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Caught this pic earlier on the new Axiom EP-600 review thread. It looks like Ilkka’s blown up an awful lot of subs in his career! :joke: