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  1. Wanted HDMI Switch with SPDIF Out

    System Setup and Connection
    Well my pre-amp is pre-HDMI and I can't justify upgrading it. I'm looking to use a simple Apple TV or Raspberry Pi-3 as a media stream device replacing my bulky HTPC. Unfortunately digital audio is only out over HDMI. So I'm looking for recommendations on a 4x1 or 4x2 HDMI switch with optical...
  2. spdif to rca

    System Setup and Connection
    If I want to connect my pc to my ART SLA2 power amp. Is it better using the spdif outut from the sound card and converting it to rca analogue or simply use the rca outputs from the sound card. The setup is stricktly for music for studio all equipment so far is reference studio type. I like the...
  3. "Pop" at beginning of sweep when using SPDIF

    REW Forum
    I have been using the SPDIF out on my Roland Quad Capture with REW. I get a "pop" noise as the sweep begins. Does this matter? I have presumed that if I start the sweep at a sufficiently low Hz (i.e. 5Hz) then the troublesome noise will be gone by the time the sweep gets to the frequency range...
  4. Spdif To Toslink

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Changhong HDTV which has an Spdif connection on the back. My other component is a Yamaha Home Theater System which has a Toslink Connector on the back. My question is, How do i connect these two components together? I already have a Toslink Cable, what other equipment do I require? i.e...
  5. Question on SPDIF or Toslink to 3.5mm Adapter

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have a Cambridge Soundwork id100 which comes with a Toslink out, SPDIF out, and a proprietary Camrbidge out. I was hoping to connect this to the input on my Bose Wave Radio, which I believe only has a 3.5mm Aux in. I am wondering if this can be done with a wire. The Bose must have a DAC in...
  6. No LFE coming out of my HTPC SPDIF except Media Center

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    For some reason, I'm not getting any sub output from my HTPC using anything but 7MC. Is anyone else having this issue? I have a Diamond DDL sound card but I've checked all the settings.
  7. Dividing a two channel SPDIF signal into two mono SPDIF signals

    Two Channel Audio
    Hi, What I want to do and can't seem to find a solution for, is to divide a SPDIF stereo signal into two mono signals. This, so I can run two digital power amps from one digital source. One for the left channel and one for the right one. I found a divice that did tha trick for PA equipment...
  8. Using sound card's SPDIF out

    REW Forum
    My main audio/video is an HTPC which has an SPDIF out. Is there any way to use the SPDIF out with REW? It might seem to be possible but then how do I calibrate the sound card? Can I do the following for sound card calibration?: Sound card SPDIF out -> AVR -> AVR pre-outs L or R -> Sound card...
  9. Pre-Pro Digital Out De-Emphasis Filtered?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I have been struggling with the digital output from my Sherbourn P-7010A Preamp/Processor, which appears to be imposing a de-emphasis filter of some kind on my source. This happens regardless of whether the source is digital in, or analog (the Sherbourn has a nice A/D for analog sources...
  10. Another connection question - M-audio 410 & SPDIF

    REW Forum
    I've seen the diagram regarding connecting "R" output to processor and "R" input to RS meter. I have a m-audio 410 sound card, so I have an rca input, but I am using the spdif out connection for all the sound from the htpc. ie. everthing is sent to the processor via my single spdif connection...