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  1. Power Supply Specs?

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    I have a RLC-1E remote line controller that needs a 12V power supply. It also says [email protected] I’m not sure why they would sell it without the power supply, but they did. Anyway, if I find a power supply on eBay that matches those specs and has the right connector, can I be confident it will work?
  2. specs on this speaker cable

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    hi is the blue jeans speaker cable belden 5000ue does it have a rising sound signature and is it silver-plated conductors. or OFC copper cable also the blue jeans canare 4s11 does it have a rising sound signature and is it silver plated conductors or ofc copper cable thanks
  3. AudiocRavings: 7 - Another Way of Looking at Amp Power Specs

    Staff A-V Insights
    AudiocRavings, by Wayne Myers: 7 - Another Way of Looking at Amp Power Specs To Double-Down It is commonly accepted in the world of high-end audio that a good characteristic of a power amplifier is its ability to Double-Down in output power for every halving of load impedance. In other words...
  4. AudiocRavings: 4 - Fun With Audio Specs - Power Bandwidth

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    AudiocRavings, by Wayne Myers: 4 - Fun With Audio Specs - Power Bandwidth Power Bandwidth, A New-Old Spec A Power Bandwidth spec for an audio power amplifier is, relatively speaking, a newer kind of spec than most, but has been around in some form since the 70’s. That was when popular op amps...
  5. Need some help with bandpass enclosure specs

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hi guys, a little over a year ago you helped me build a monster sub for my theatre so I've returned for further assistance. This time, I need help building a bandpass enclosure for an exterior application (pool / patio). I want it to be bandpass because I plan to bury the main enclosure and...
  6. Laptop specs to run REW via HDMI with 8 channel support?

    REW Forum
    I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I just finished upgrading an HP Elitebook 8530p with a new SSD and fresh install of Win7 to use with REW and a UMIK-1. However it seems that despite my best efforts the hardware only supports 2 channel over HDMI. There are no settings in BIOS for HDMI and...
  7. Inductors not having Specs for Crossover

    DIY Speakers
    Hello, I am new to the DIY speaker building craze and am working on my first set of main speakers. I have selected Zaph Audio 5.5tt due to its smaller size and have been working on the list of items I will need for the crossover, which brings me to the questions I have. The crossovers call for...
  8. What are acoustic specs for a good listening room?

    REW Forum
    I am a new user of REW V5 with a UMIK-1. Whilst the manual shows many techniques to measure / analyze my room I am unable to locate what are acoustic specs for a well treated room. i.e. once I treat my room acoustically what numbers should I aim to achieve? Can someone help me establish some...
  9. Port specs for Alpine sub box???

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Guys, I just finished my box in my SUV that contains 8 Alpine SWS-10D2 subs in a sealed box (all 3/4" MDF) with a solid divider sepatrating them into 4 subs on each side inside the box. My net volume per sub is .72 cubic feet per driver. here is a link to Alpine's specs for the sub...
  10. MCACC - Specs

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    I got the following information from Pioneer. What is disappointing to me, is that the 9 band equalizer is graphic, not parametric. When I did these adjustments manually, a graphic equalizer was useful, but when I could look at the frequency response on an oscilloscope, there were some sharp...
  11. YPAO Specs

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    There have been several posts here guessing what YPAO does and does not do on a Yamaha A/V, including that it does not EQ the lower frequencies. Here is what Yamaha told me via email: YPAO calibration equalizes the sound for each individual speaker. The audio is equalized in seven bands. The...
  12. Emotiva amp specs...

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    I am looking at buying the XPA -5 barely used from an individual, and looking at the specs it says S/[email protected] and at .1percent [email protected]/1meter. Isn't 97 kind of low on the noise floor? Would I have to turn down the gain on my sub to keep any hum from being introduced? And in doing so, not get the...
  13. Speakers with published off-axis frequency response specs

    Home Audio Speakers
    This topic came up in an Audio Processing thread. This thread will be a continuation of the topic, as a sticky thread in a more appropriate forum, to cover the following: A list of speaker companies who specify off-axis frequency response for their speakers. This "master list" will be updated...
  14. Adire Audio PR-15 specs

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I was going through my basement today and found an old Adire Audio PR-15. I was wondering if anybody has the specs for this passive radiator. I have been using Google but just cannot find anything. I need Vas, Fs, Xmax, Qms, and Sd. Thanks!
  15. New SI HT woofer specs and info

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I decided to post another thread instead of updating the old one so people could see the new specs better. As promised we got in new soft parts to make the woofers work better for HT use. Here are the parameters from the 18" we just built up a few minutes ago: 18" D2 Re: 3.5 Ohms Fs: 17 Hz...
  16. 2-15" with theses specs, what would you build?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    In an attempt to make a subwoofer for my adult daughter and fiancé, I bought these two woofers for very cheap. I have a limited budget, no doubt. I originally was going to design a sealed enclosure, but after talking to my daughter and her intended, they like special effects and gamming. I shied...
  17. JBL Contro 5 Plus Specs

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hello I'm looking for full, detailed specs for my recently acquired pair of JBL's Control 5 Plus monitors. Searched all over the net, but all I've found was just guessing :ponder: The "plus" means 8-inch midbass and 2-inch tweeter, versus 6½-inch and 1-inch found on regular Control 5s. But I...
  18. Need box specs help

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I am building a dual sealed enclosure box for 2 10" subwoofers with the below specs I was wondering if I could get some help on internal dimensions for a sealed enclosure. Not only would I like help with the enclosure but I would like to know how you derived those numbers. I am obviously new...
  19. Music Servers/Streamers: What specs & features to look for in best SQ possible?

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I am on a quest to put together a really good music playback/streaming system in my living room. What I am trying to figure out first is, with regards to music servers/music streamers, which ones will play the highest possible sound quality recordings? Although I don't have a whole lot of the...
  20. sub specs? klipsch

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    i have a sub out of a klipsch rt10d subwoofer a friend let me have. the surround came unglued and he replaced his with a new one and gave me this one to repair. anybody know the specs on this subwoofer? thanks.