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  1. Digital room correction using spectral subtraction

    Audio Processing
    Hi, I was wondering, if anybody knows if it's possible to use spectral subtraction for room correction? Background: I experimented a lot with correction, since my room has really bad acoustics. In the current state I have some absorbers for highs and mids, and use simple, aggressive...
  2. feature request: plot points in spectral decay

    REW Forum
    When I'm targeting a room mode, I find it's easier to see what effect it had on the decay by plotting the spectral decay points for that frequency. Would this be a feature that could be added to REW?
  3. artist paint spectral charts

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
  4. REW Spectral Density

    REW Forum
    Hi, I am getting more proficient with REW with each passing day and it throws up more questions. Waterfall - Initial Measure (no filter) Spectral Decay - Initial Measure (no filter) If I understand JohnM correctly, one has to also make sure that the filters specified must also get rid of...