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    Season 5 starts one week from tonight. Can't wait for Raylan to get going again! :T
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    I recently watched Blitz... very disappointing video quality. Soft and hazy... blacks look like grays... Audio was fantastic. Story, IMO, was meh. ******spoiler********** The most disappointing and shocking element to the whole presentation, tho, is a very glaring mistake at the end of...
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    I have created some different spoiler type tags for use in your reviews. We have the normal Now we have the [specs] tags: Specifications go here And in some cases you may wish to use the [features] tag: Features go here And how about a [graphs] tag: Insert measurement graphs here And a...
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    Studio Name: Lionsgate Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Director: Paul Haggis Starring Cast: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks PLOT ANALYSIS: Flying under the theatrical radar and becoming a kind of direct-to-video misfire a la films like Wes Craven’s Red Eye or the Al Pacino thriller 88 Minutes, Paul...
1-4 of 5 Results