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  1. REW Forum
    I've used REW to measure headphone FR successfully for 3 years. I can Generate a 300 Hz Square Wave with REW's Generator but cannot determine If it's possible to record the generated signal. Is it possible to use REW's Generator to produce a 300 Hz Square Wave and record/measure the results...
  2. REW Forum
    Hi, I'm curious if a SquareWave test is ever planned? I don't know how hard this would be to implemente, but I think you would definitly benefit from that. I do this at the moment inside my DAW and a realtime analyser which is quite a hassle.. Speaking about square measurment. Here are some...
  3. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi need some advice about my plans to improve my room, I'm currently redecorating and with the limitations of my room I'm planning on puting one floor to ceiling bass trap 35cm by 35cm on the left front corner of the room so that visually it is symmetrical with the chimney stack that sicks out...
  4. REW Forum
    Hello Folks, anybody never used the Generator -> Square Wave option? I am using ver 5 last beta 9. All the other Generator options look working as expected, so I believe it to be a sw bug. Looking forward for the fixing. Regards, Andrea
  5. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    New Details Surrounding Square Enix’s Latest Action RPG Earlier in the month, Square Enix announced that it would be licensing the Unreal Engine 3.0 for an upcoming title. This wouldn’t be the first title from Square to use the versatile middleware engine, 2008’s The Last Remnant utilized...
1-5 of 61 Results