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  1. Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    I have had a Dayton Titanic III kit sub for several years and want to try to squeeze a little more low end out of it. I've tried to model it in the Excel spreadsheet program "The Woofer Box and Circuit Designer". (screenshots below) Of particular interest is the Linkwitz Transform and high...
  2. Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Having never done any kind of electrical wiring before, I have a few questions. I've watched a bunch of how-to videos explaining how to strip wire and put banana plugs on the ends, but my wire isn't like the type I keep seeing on the videos and it's confusing the out of me. It's 16 gauge...
  3. Home Theater Projectors
    I lost the little squeeze ball / turkey baster / air jet cleaner for cleaning the panels on my PLV-Z4. Any idea where I can get one (or a comparable one)? I noticed some splotches while watching hockey last night (pure white ice sheet can really point out the imperfections). I was going to...
1-3 of 4 Results