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  1. Onkyo TX-NR 747 or Marantz SR 5010

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    I like to purchase AV equipment locally. My current choices are the Onkyo NR 747 and the SR 5010. I am looking for opinions and experiences with both brands. Since the local AV dealers don't have these receivers available to audition, I am relying on testimonials.
  2. Marantz SR 7000 Aux outputs not working!

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    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here. I have a Marantz SR 7000, I bought it brand new years back. Here's whats happening. It is connected to my computer through a Soudblaster external sound card as I play most everything though the computer. Since the installation it seems no sound comes...
  3. Connection of Lyr Headphone to the Marantz SR 7008

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    My old AVR was the h/k 645. I connected my Shiit Lyr to the tape out port. The 7008 has no tape out. Where do I connect the headphone amp on the 7008?
  4. Crown xls 1500/ onkyo tx sr 805

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    Hey guys I have just finished building my home sub powered by the crown xls1500. I use a onkyo tx sr 805. I have heard many good things about this reciever and amp. My issue is that I am running a RCA from the reciever to the amp, sub wired to 8ohm bridged on amp. Getting little to no bass out...
  5. How to measure CC, SR and SL

    REW Forum
    I have a (probably) stupid question: HOW the hell do I measure my CC, SR and SL with REW when I want to measure what Audyssey did? I know how to measure it WITHOUT audyssey: just plug in the speaker cable of eg. the CC in the FR speaker output of my amplifier and make a measurement. But with...
  6. Marantz Promises AirPlay, 4K and HDMI Options in New SR Receivers

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    Source: BigPicturBigSound
  7. Onkyo tx sr 705

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    Hi All, have not been on here for quiet a while as i seperated from my mrs. I have a Onkyo TX SR705 but i want more power to my speakers can i know i can add another amp . the question is is a mono block ok or does it have to be 7.1 power amp. and Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for all your...
  8. REW and Turtble Beach Audio Adv SR USB

    REW Forum
    Hey- I just wanted everyonoe to know that this USB device has both analog and SPDIF inputs and outputs. I used the SDPif on the output side last night and it worked awesome. I'm anxouisly awaiting the arrival on my Berhinger Feedback Destroyer to Eq to tweak my lows and do some room...
  9. Marantz SR 4500/4600

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    I want to buy this Marantz. That good idea is it? I have Denon AVR 1906, but his sound is too bad in all rate: Stereo and HT. With respect: oceanman from Bulgaria.
  10. Onkyo Tx Sr 602 experiences.

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    Have any of you been thinking about Onkyo's midline receivers? This is a last generation model, but compares very favorably to this generations offering, the 603x. It is rated at what i consider to be an optimistic 85watts/ch into 7 channels. It definitely will provide more than ample power for...