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  1. New Forum Section Has Been Launched: Staff A-V Insights

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    Home Theater Shack recently launched a new sub-forum called "Staff A-V Insights," which can be found under the "General Shack Area" forum section. The section was largely born as the brain-child of veteran HTS Staff Writer and Audio Gear Reviewer, Wayne Myers. The idea behind Staff A-V...
  2. More Staff Leave Infinity Ward

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    More Staff Leave Infinity Ward Three more team members confirm their departure. by Jim Reilly April 12, 2010 -Developer Infinity Ward has lost additional team members today. Long-time programmer Jon Shiring confirmed to IGN he has resigned from his position at the studio. Shiring made...
  3. Staff Dates

    For our records... date member became part of Home Theater Shack staff. Name | Start Date | Start Post # | Ending Posts 2012 lcaillo | 05/06 | | 8748 nova | 05/06 | | 4129 bpape | 09/06 | | NA Prof | 01/07 | | 6128 mechman | 02/07 | | 11276 Anthony | 07/07 | | 2188 Mike P. | 10/07 | |...
  4. Thank you members and staff! Our first month is complete!

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    From myself and on behalf of John Mulcahy... we honor our members and staff with a big huge: THANK YOU! :thankyou: We now have our first full month behind us and so much to look forward to. We could not have accomplished what we have without our staff and without our members. 364...