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  1. Getting started with Rew

    REW Forum
    Hi, I just ran through the complete Rew step-by-step guide Rev 5.43. I was able to make all the graphs for my front three with the Umik. many of them looked horrible explaining why my setup is not good. before I post the graphs I wanted to clear up some things to make sure I did it right...
  2. Need help getting started

    REW Forum
    I have downloaded REW into Windows 10 on my laptop. I am using a Dayton Audio EMM-6 into a PreSonus AudioBox iTwo which can take 1/4" or 3 pin balanced cable inputs to one of two channels and each channel can be selected for line level or "instrument" level. The outputs are 1/4" TRS balanced. I...
  3. Thread started by error

    My mistake, can you please delete this?
  4. Getting Started - Mac

    REW Forum
    I am just getting started with REW installed on a Mac Laptop. The laptop is a few years old so it doesn't have and HDMI port. I have a thunderbolt to HDMI connection enroute. I have a UMIK enroute. I have REW installed. I haven't installed the SoundFlower Bed App. I just want to confirm...
  5. The Immersive Sound War is Just Getting Started

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Dolby Atmos took the 3D Immersive Sound universe by storm in the second half of 2014, grabbing headlines and appearing confidently comfortable as a legitimate commercial and Home Theater game-changer. But Dolby isn’t the only show in town. Two other companies have irons in the fire: Auro...
  6. Getting Started

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I've had a dedicated theater for about 3 years now. Everyone enjoys the room and I don't have any real complaints about it, but I know it could sound better. My question is, where do you guys recommend starting the acoustic improvements process? I have REW and a MiniDSP for my subwoofers. What...
  7. What do I need to get started?

    REW Forum
    Hello I would like to use REW to help determine where to place my listening seat for smoothest bass response in my room. I watched the youtube for REW and have a few questions about equipment I need. 1) Will the mic on my Mac computer work? 2) Will my AKG D70 mic work or do I need a special...
  8. Questions on getting started

    REW Forum
    I have connected my Umik mic from MiniDSP and used signal generator to see if it works. Everything works. I only used pink noise to test and used my speakers on my laptop. So my goal is to test using my amplifier on my subwoofer. I have the subwoofer outside and will be trying to get a...
  9. Just getting started

    REW Forum
    I have spent a few hours reading about getting started with REW. My measuring system is currently an older model MacBook Pro, Tascam 144 MkII, ECM8000-CS, Galaxy CM-140. I have been using the sound card in the Mac to generate the test signals; is it possible to use the 144 MkII to send signals...
  10. Problem selecting output in preferences window

    REW Forum
    Hello everyone, and thank you in advance! I'm new to REW and new to the forum, and I have what I hope is a simple question. A little background first: I'm building a home recording studio, and I downloaded REW in order to do some baseline tests in my control room before I begin treating it...
  11. Getting Started With REW

    REW Forum
    Hey All, I've never worked with REW before. Perhaps I should ask a few questions first to make sure that I understand what I would be doing with it. 1. My primary focus of using REW will be to EQ mainly my subwoofer, and I might delve into EQing my main speakers as well. My processor...
  12. Started measuring improving, not sure how much more to do?

    REW Forum
    The room is small - 11ft10 by 9ft8 at the widest point (there's a chimney breast in the middle) with a ceiling about 9ft. Room has wooden floor and the wall behind the speakers is an archway to another room covered by thick curtains. The room was really bad for echo so bit by bit I started to...
  13. Getting started

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    I'm sure there are a ton of these threads. I've been reading here for 2 days and I'm still not confident in my selections. Goal Acquire suitable equipment to take required measurements of my theater room to aid in treatments and EQ'ing. I am currently building a quad FiCar 18" infinite baffle...
  14. New guy! Just getting started. Glad to be here!

    New Member Introductions
  15. Getting Started With (Real) Video Calibration

    Video Calibration
    This is my first post on this forum - how I've never stumbled across this place before is beyond me. As the title suggests I have never used any meters or software for calibrating my displays, largely down to not knowing where to begin - I have just used test discs which I'm sure is where...
  16. 12" sonosub. Need help to get started.

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    Hello! Going to build my first sonosub and i need some help to get started. I wish to build a sonosub with 12" woofer. Any tips on wich woofer? And how tall and wide should the tube? I got a pair of beyma fra12a1 speakers who performce well down to 80hz, but need some extra help from 80 and down.
  17. Getting Started with REW, Question about TASCAM 122

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    Hey Guys, Getting Started with REW on a new set of speakers in my room and ended up with the following - -Dayton EMM6 -Tascam US-122. I downloaded the EMM6 .cal file. Can I do the same for the Tascam USB sound card without needing to do a loopback to calibrate the card? My understanding is...
  18. Trouble Getting Started With REW Thread

    REW Forum
    I tried running REW about a year ago and could never get it going. I saw a thread about 6 months or so specifically for people that were have trouble getting started with REW, but I can't find it now. I don't know if it was on the Shack or AVS. Anyone know the thread I'm looking for? Thanks
  19. Getting started with an ART usb Dual pre

    REW Forum
    Hi. I have just picked up a used ART usb Dual pre, so I now need some advice on getting started. Having read numerous posts I still am a little unsure what cables I need. 1. To calibrate the ART SC, this is the line out to line in using an TRS to TRS cable? 2. From the ART to my ECM8000 Mic...
  20. Plz help my Pc12-Ultra started buzzing

    General Service and Technical Information
    Hello there all. I bought this sub used about 6 months ago and its been working great until yesterday. I had been tweaking crossover settings on my Yamaha amp and noticed a few crunchy popping noises during playback, then all of a sudden it started humming/buzzing fairly loudly. It only hums...