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    The Capital Audiofest is the Mid Atlantic Region’s biggest, best, and only full-on audiophile Hi-Fi event. It’s a good one, folks, and every year it seems to get better. This year marks the event’s second year in Rockville, Maryland’s Hilton Hotel Twinbrook (which is conveniently located near...
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    The 12th Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) is locked-and-loaded, ready to open its doors beginning this Friday, October 2nd (thru Saturday October 4th), in the Mile High City. Home Theater Shack is sending a tag team of speaker gurus, Wayne Myers and Dennis Young, to the scene to report...
  3. CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    Yup, it's official. Dan is starting a record label to promote up and coming blues artists. Read about it here. My hero!!! :flex: :TT
  4. Manufactured Screens
    Hi there- I'm looking for a mfg screen recommendation. The room is a multi purpose room with an Epson 8350 PJ, 4 HT seats 14' back. The room is multi purpose because it also has a bar and a pool table. The room CAN be completely light controlled as there is just one outside doorway but has...
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    Dear Netflix: I like and appreciate that you provide recommendations for me for TV shows and movies to watch from your streaming service. And I understand that the choices you present to me are based on my viewing history. But you must know that it was my children that watched The Amazing World...
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    Press Release: SONY AUDIO/VIDEO RECEIVER, REVOLUTIONIZES AVR CONNECTIVITY Word's First Receiver with Built-in Wi-Fi®, Airplay® and Bluetooth® Frees Consumers to Stream Music Content Regardless of Source SAN DIEGO, July 9, 2012 – Sony Electronics today introduced its latest home Audio/Video...
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  12. REW Forum
    Hey, iam a bit confused. Today i started calibrating my new Tascam US-122mkII: See Screenshot below and the text on the Left: Sample rate: 44100 Hz -3 dB points: 17,5 Hz, 21,126 kHz Input device: Eingang (TASCAM US-122 MKII) Input: No input selected Channel: Left Input volume: no control Input...
  13. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Gamestop Starts Selling SuperCharged PlayStation 3 03/17/2011 Written by Cameron Teague On sale now at Gamestop is an ‘upgraded’ PS3 labeled as a supercharged refurbished PS3 and is coming chocked full of extras you don’t usually see out of the box when you pick up the...
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    Sony starts banning PS3 jailbreak users Dozens of PS3 jailbreak users have been banned from the PlayStation Network this morning, following on from an official statement released by Sony last night. According to users on a popular hacking forum, SCE has started contacting individuals it...
  15. REW Forum
    Hi! I have got a problem with the input level and I can do no measurement. Currently I use a M-Audio Mobile Pre USB Audio Interface and a micro Behringer ECM8000 to do the measurements. I have no problems with the calibration of the sound card. In the next step, when I try to adjust...
  16. SVSound
    Box Ultra: http://www.svsound.com/products-sub-box-pb13ultra.cfm Cylinder Ultra: http://www.svsound.com/products-sub-cyl-pcultra_new.cfm