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  1. Newbie, Marantz Receiver Static and Protect Mode

    System Setup and Connection
    Hey all, So I bought a Marantz SR3001 second hand but refurbished by a professional who sold it simply because the client decided to just buy another one, and left it with him. It has a brand new power supply. For some reason, whenever I turn it on, though not always, around 8 or 9 times out of...
  2. Occasional Static Sounds

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    My setup is as follows. display: Samsung PN64F8500 avr: Denon AVR-X4000 amp: NAD T-955 speakers: NHT absolute walls for mains and surrounds, NHT ThreeC center subs: two Martin Logan Abyss I'm getting popping and static sounds in my system at different times. I'll describe them below. Note...
  3. Static problem on Lp's

    Two Channel Audio
    How do any of you solve this problem? I have the AudioQuest brush but it actually makes the problem worse sometimes. I am sure that is does so because it isn't grounded. There are some solutions out there like anti static sleeves and anti static guns but I want to know what you guy's use and if...
  4. Static in vintage speakers??

    Home Audio Speakers
    How can I fix this and what usually causes it? One of my RTR ev9 occasionally makes a static noise.:dumbcrazy:?? help
  5. Onkyo TX-NR3010 - intermittent static in right channel

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    I just received the 3010 today from accessories4less.com. Refurbished, 1 year warranty. I'm having intermittent static in the Right Front channel. All other active channels (L, C, Surround L+R, Surround Back L+R) sound clean. The static is clearly audible, and is usually at least as loud as...
  6. HLR4266W (or HLR5066W) L6 with Green Static?

    Green Static on Samsung DLP. Model HL-R4266W (Or HLR5066W?) with L64A Chassis (Robocop/Hurricane)? (Previously replaced or swapped chassis/digital board?) On Tuner, Composite and HDMI input. Intermittent, can go hours without it, sometimes shutting off for 3 minutes will fix it. Can go away...
  7. Phono setting static

    CD Players | Turntables
    Hi - I have an older Denon AVR-900. It has a phono button which I have never used until today. Excited to use my new to me turntable.....Problem is, when I select phono, I get loads of static regardless of whether or not the phono is hooked up. More static in left speaker than the right...
  8. Volume-depenent "crackle" static from ALL speakers. Yamaha HTR-3064.

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    :wave: Hey guys, same problem as my Onkyo receiver, only THIS time I'm getting that sort of 'fire crackle' type of static. And it's out of ALL channels. Also, it fluctuates with the volume, louder when volume turned up, and completely goes away when muted. So, I'm thinking interference. But from...
  9. Static in Tweeter

    Home Audio Speakers
    I have a Polk Audio CS2 Series II center that I just took out of the box and hooked up and am getting a little static from the tweeter between the two woofers. I have tried snugging up the connections, then replacing the speaker wire (thank God it's not one of the rear surrounds that has...
  10. How do I repair static in the left channel? :(

    Hey guys, I've had my Onkyo receiver for a few days now, and just tonight I'm getting static out of the left speaker only. Now, I did some research before posting this. I checked my connections, everything's good there. I then ran the speaker wire all the way out (taut) so it wasn't touching any...
  11. Static "pop" noise

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hello fellow enthusiast:wave: First, I've search the forum for something like what I'm asking but couldn't come up with something concrete. So if the question as been ask before, I apologize. I have a Denon AVR2311 and I've noticed that when we FF or RW recorded shows on our PVR (Motorola...
  12. Audio Rack and static electric issues

    Pro Audio
    Hi - i have a issue and its driving me crazy - i have all my gear in a 19 inch metal Rack - my AVR outside the rack on the very top - all rest of my gear is inside rack mounted and some on rack shelf's i notice more during the winter times - i am getting alot of static when i touch it or...
  13. HL-T4675s Static Crackling Poping in Speakers please help !

    Hello was hoping someone has seen this problem ? The Speakers make several noises Static Crackling And Poping No matter if sound is up or all the way down or the internal speakers speakers are turned off . Noises still present also no matter what input noises still present in speakers. Most of...
  14. static electricity

    System Setup and Connection
    what can i wear on feet to avoid static. THANKS HOTRIZE
  15. Static Zap

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    I have a Samsung Home Theater system that got took a static shock when I touched it. At it just shut down. I unplugged it for a day and fired it back up. It appears to operate normally, however the LCD screen on the front lights up every option on it, so it is useless. My question, is it...
  16. Cleaning static build up in knobs

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    My dad gave me an old marantz 1250 amp when I was younger, and it works fine, the only trouble is a bunch of static builds up in the dials over time. My dad, not being an experience electrician, usually takes it to somebody to fix it. I currently study audio engineering/acoustics and I am very...
  17. static with the Steelers game

    AV Home Theater
    Anyone else hearing static with the Steelers game? The static gets more prevalent as the game gets louder. At very quiet moments there's no static. It's happening during commercials too. I just watched Greenbay win and there was no static. 2 different channels on cable.
  18. Speaker static sound

    System Setup and Connection
    Hi all A few week ago I bought an SVS SBS-02 speaker set 5.0 speaker kit. I got 4 bookshelf speaker and the center channel. I got an Onkyo SR-TX608 with that. My current setup is 3.1 because I've not made the speaker stand yet so I've not installed the surround. I bought a Panasonic BMP-BD85K...
  19. vibration or static in sound

    AV Home Theater
    I know this isn't really a home theater question. Please forgive me. I'm asking this here because I think someone (perhaps everyone) will know the answer. I purchased a Panasonic HD TV in January. Prior to that, I had a JVC CRT, which I bought many years ago. I have a sound problem with...