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  1. Steve's PT-53WX53G Project

    Panasonic / Technics
    Update on this thread - I was able to recover this set, the flow of the repair steps get a bit muddied up, but just read the whole thread and you should be able to fix the convergence on your set just fine. /Steve ================== Start of Original Thread ======================== Hi Guys...
  2. Steve's WS-65909 project

    Hi Leonard (& all), I was given a Mitsubishi WS-65909 that has the blinking light problem - they unplugged it to move it and plugged it back in and the problem developed. I've looked at it briefly, but haven't picked it up yet (it's been snowing here). Doing a little research, it looks like...
  3. Steve's KP57WS510 Project

    Hi Guys, I just picked one of these units up. I wasn't really in the market as I'm pretty busy right now but it was just too tempting - literally the conversation went like "we're moving tomorrow and we're NOT moving a big, heavy, broken TV - come and get it"! I picked it up but had to store...
  4. Steve's KP51WS510 Project

    Hi Guys, Life's gotten busy for me so I've put playing with these on the back burner, but a co-worker has one of these Sony units that just went out on him with the 6 blink problem. I'm assuming it's the MCZ3001 chip as Leonard detailed in his sticky note at the top of the forum. I downloaded...
  5. Steve's AV-56WP74 Color/Tint Problem

    Hi Leonard (and all), I've had some time to play with the new tv and I've got an odd problem, but I think it's one I've seen before and it wasn't that major of a fix so I'm hoping it turns out that way again. The convergence problem is fixed, the STK394-160s and new related resistors seem to...
  6. Steve's AV56WP74 Convergence Repair - with Pics

    Hi Guys, I just recently Picked up an AV-56WP74 with a convergence problem. I was able to successfully repair it so I thought I would share my experience with the forum in the hopes it will help others get their set repaired. I took some pics, but unfortunately I’m a terrible photographer so...
  7. Steve's Theater Equipment

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Here's my equipment. I have a dedicated basement theater that's 17'x24'. JVC RS20 projector DaLite HiPower screen (136x67) Custom DIY 4way motorized masking system Integra DHC9.9 pre/pro Emotiva XPA-2 2ch amplifier -L&R mains Emotiva XPA-5 5ch amplifier - Center and Surrounds Swan Diva 6.1, C3...
  8. Steve's basement/theater construction

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Moved into the new house in October 2004 Started to plan basement development in spring of 2006 ... we have about 1100 sq ft ( not including stairwell and furnace room ) ... The plan was to develop a theater, games room, gym, bathroom and hallway Theater is 23'2" X 14'3" Games Room 22'2" X...