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  1. Thrift Store find, Surround Decoder ID help?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Ok, so I found this Track Scan Inc. Model Number SR-5112, Item Number: 33000 at a local thrift store for $3USD and I was wondering exactly what this unit was. Doing a google search brings nothing up about this unit, but the name Track Scan brings up a company that makes racetrack cb type...
  2. Thrift store find

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I stopped at the SA thrift store just as they opened today and as I walked in they were bringing in a box with some electronics inside. I stood there while the guy unboxed everything and there were a few things to look at but the last thing he pulled out of the box was a Onkyo TX-DS747 and it...
  3. Onkyo Expands Its Online Hi-Res Music Store to United States

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    To my fellow Western Hemisphere friends: raise your hand if you know that Onkyo has been operating a Hi-Res music download service since 2005. **silence** You are not alone. At least I think you’re not alone. Onkyomusic.com is rolling out in the United States, Britain, and Germany. There...
  4. How to get the most out of a store's demo room

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I noticed there isn't a comprehensive post yet for how to get the most out of a store demo room. I thought it would be a good idea so I'm posting this. Please add your 2¢ and once it's done maybe we'll have a sticky to point members to with general rules of thumb. 1) bring your own demo...
  5. Help with Purchasing

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I want to purchase new speaker/home theater setup (including surround sound, tv, blu-ray player, etc.) for my living room, and I'm going to do it through the local electronics store in my town because I prefer to talk to people and get personal help. Are there any specific things I should ask to...
  6. New eBay Store

    Creative Sound Solutions
    After several months of experimentation and frustrations our new eBay store seems to be functioning. Thanks to Jim for his patience and persistence. Creative Sound on eBay. We will be adding things regularly. If you are in Canada we will have to connect regarding shipping and applicable taxes.
  7. THX app is free in the Apple app store

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Won't let me post in the deals forum so here you go. https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/thx-tune-up/id592624594?mt=8 Usually $1.99 but free today.
  8. UPS Store ruins Christmas!!!

    AV Home Theater
    Gifted my older receiver to my brother in-law for Christmas along with a new set of 5.1 speakers I bought him new. The UPS store dropped/smashed the receiver and then to add insult to injury packaged and shipped it to my brother in-law anyway. Not to mention they didn't double box it like I paid...
  9. Vizio's CinemaWide 21:9 HDTVs hit physical store shelves, price slides below $2k

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: Engadget
  10. mechman, I stopped by the DNP store today to see the Supernova!

    Manufactured Screens
    I stopped by the DNP store today and meet with Manfried. I told him you asked me to say "Hi". He smiled and bowed towards me and with a big grin said "Hi" right back to you. WOW the Supernova Flex is amazing. The quality of the mechanics to raise and lower the screen was top notch. It wasn't...
  11. Best on line store

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi, I want to buy Kef q700 speaker and I need your advice in which store I can depend on its service quality and its price. Regards.
  12. Went to a home theater store last night....

    Home Audio Speakers
    I went in and explained to the guy (it was fairly small so he may be the owner) that I'm just setting up my first surround sound system and didn't want to go with some HTIB because I want to expand it to better speakers later and I want to use the zone 2 hookup for a few sets of houe speakers...
  13. Creative way to Store Blu-Rays

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I am in the process of planning out my dedicated theater room in the basement and have hit a wall with deciding where to put all of my blu ray discs/boxes. In my previous home, that we just moved out of, they were in a dvd/blu ray wall rack purchased from best buy as an interim solution until we...
  14. speaker cables question- go expensive or hardware store wire?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi, all. As mentioned in a different thread I am buying a Swan Diva speaker system this weekend and am doing a re-organization of my system in anticipation of my Pioneer SC-LX85 amp next month. At the risk of igniting that most rancourous of debates, I was wondering about opinions regarding...
  15. AV store Vancouver BC

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi Looking to get some advice and buy speaker wire and in ceilings from a store in Vancouver, can anyone recommend a store for HT gear? Thanks Scott
  16. New or store display

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    A local store has a Yamaha 1065 for $680 and an Onkyo 707 for $665 on clearance. Neither one has remotes. They also have a 1065 for $630 with a remote. Which brand of the closeouts would you choose and why?
  17. Popcorn Hour C-200, A-200 updates add Networked Media Jukebox interface, apps store

    Owners of the Popcorn Hour A-200 and C-200 media players can finally enjoy the long promised new Flash-based interface and app store now that updates are available for both. Check after the break for a trailer and introduction to the new interface, if you're already running them on your box pop...
  18. Netflix officially announces PS3 search, promises 'more cool features in store'

    Sure we knew the PlayStation 3 had added search to its Watch Instantly repertoire (some of you have known longer than others) but just in case, there's a post on the official Netflix blog from VP of product development Greg Peters saying so. The truly interesting element is that this may be...
  19. Samsung's 3D plasmas showing up on real and virtual store shelves all over

    If you've been waiting for a plasma 3DTV and Panasonic's VT25 isn't your speed (we don't know how you feel about deep, deep black levels, but c'mon, who can turn down Coraline?) then take a look at Samsung's C7000 line, now in stock (on schedule) pretty much everywhere. The 50-inch PN50C7000...
  20. Running out to the store need advice asap

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I tried to use 3m 90 spray tack on r13 insulation and the inside of a sonotube with the plastic peeled off and it would not stick well because the insulation sucked up all then glue. I threw away the insulation becaus eI figured it was not needed then got advice that I REALLY should use...