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    Founded in 2004, Emotiva has spent the last 11 years running a direct-to-consumer operation. Removing the middleman has allowed the company to offer quality AV electronics at reasonable prices. In a surprising shift, the company recently revealed a new retail-oriented distribution strategy...
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    This Holiday Season, the Emmy® Award-Winning Parodies Set Their Sights on Santa Robot Chicken Christmas Special For the First Time Ever, All Six Robot Chicken Christmas Specials Plus Holiday-Themed Bonus Content will be Available on DVD November 18, 2014 ‘Tis...
  3. AV Home Theater
    Hey everyone, does anyone living in the Tampa to Sarasota area of Florida know of any good AV stores where you can actually audition speakers? Have a friend who lives in the area who is looking for equipment. The only place he has seen are the Best buys with Magnolia centers. Thanks
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    Just like that, it’s over. Remember the days of getting in your car to head to the local Blockbuster on a Friday night? List in hand, you'd circle the parking lot looking for a good spot. If the weather was bad, you’d make a mad dash into a store that was sure to be filled with a sea of...
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    It seems to me, so far anyway, that most online retailers have limited inventories of 3D movies. I am wondering if one reason is that there is a limited amount of movies converted to 3D and if this is the case what does it take for studioes to put forth the effort and expense to do this. Does...
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    The Wettsteins store in the small town of La Crosse, Wisconsin was one store of nine elected to display the LG 84" Ultra High Definition (4k) television. http://www.hometheatershack.com/news/21097224_BG1.jpgBrian Rooker, electronics buyer for Wettsteins, being in the smallest town chosen, with...
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    Parent company Best Buy closes 15 stores including several Futurshop stores without any notice to employees. "The chain is closing 15 of its almost 230 big-box stores and cutting roughly 900 employees, a dramatic step for the retailer as it faces growing pressure from discount rivals and a...
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    Article here.
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    Source: BigPictureBigSound
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    Hello all, I live in MA and I want to purchase some space saver theater seats. There really isn't a store I know of near me that sells them and need to go online. I looked at: 1. www.4seating.com - horrible reviews 2. www.theaterseatstore.com - mixed bag of reviews out there. 3...
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    Will or do video rental stores offer Blu-ray disks for rental?
  12. AV Home Theater
    My family and I will be heading to the Gatlinburg area in June for vacation. Can anyone recommend some good audio stores in the area?
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    http://www.hometheatershack.com/images/pannybluray.jpg The Panasonic DMP-BD30 Is First Blu-ray Player to Feature Interactive Final Standard Profile. Panasonic, a leader and innovator of consumer and professional Blu-ray Disc technologies, announced that its next generation Blu-ray Disc player...
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    I'll be going to HE2007 soon and does anyone know what stores to goto to look at home theater equipment in the NYC area?
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    Heard rumblings of this a couple of days ago when my son Sean told me that lots of Tweeter people are showing up as his store looking for work. Found this a few minutes ago at another Forum. http://www.cepro.com/news/editorial/18044.html Regards, Wayne