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  1. Help with Sony STR-DN1040

    System Setup and Connection
    I have just bought the Sony STR-Dn1040 a/v receiver with the intention of using my existing SONY BDV-E380 speakers. However these are only rated at 3 ohm input impedance which would need 80 amps of power according to my calculations. I do have a set of Logitech Z5500 speakers with 8 ohms input...
  2. Sony STR-DN1040 and 5.1 Audio from Cable STB

    System Setup and Connection
    Anyone know why my receiver would only be taking 2.0 stereo from my set top box? I'm scouring settings on the cable box (Comcast/Cisco) and the Sony, but I'm not seeing that one magic switch to flip. I'm using all HDMI connections. Any ideas? Thanks!