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    Just purchased a pre/pro and 2 channel power amp. This will be added to a 3 channel amp, subwoofer amp, HDTV, and then components with negligible draw, a turntable, phono preamp, Blu-ray player and a universal player. My biggest problem is, only one 120V 15A dual outlet is available. I need a...
  2. REW Forum
    Hi there- I have seen the selector strip all the time until recently after a measurement with Mac Os 10.7. Its gone. Same with 10.6.8. :unbelievable: Any enlightening suggestions? Thanks a lot.
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    What is the Bits Smart Strip? "Plug your computer (or other device) into the blue "Control" outlet and your peripherals into the white "Automatically Switched" outlets. When you turn the PC (or other device) on, the Smart Strip turns on the "Automatically Switched" outlets and when you turn the...
  4. DIY Screens
    After using my main screen as a half and half, I then painted over with two coats of BW. Would have been one but had very visible streaks after first coat. Same after second? Seemed no matter how much or how little paint nor how much or how little pressure.... So can I use paint thinner and...
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    Hi there, I'm looking for an outlet or powerstrip that accepts a 12V trigger. I want to switch my class A rear channel amp only when viewing movies -- it just runs so hot even with no input signal. So what's a cheap device that will do this for me. I can build one on my own, but I'm short...
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    Ok, I have a Monster Power HTS 1000 MKII I use to power all My HT stuff which includes.... Sony 30XS955 CRT HDTV, Onkyo TX-SR600 Receiver, Behringer EP1500 Amp, Behringer DSP1124P Eq, Oppo 971 DVD Player and a Terk TV5 amplified TV antenna. Is this too much for the power strip? I never...
1-6 of 7 Results