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  1. new in for fun and study

    New Member Introductions
    Hello my name is Cedric i'm from France. look like many high level pepole are regroup hire to share some knowledge. it exactly why i am hire for. and at list is good for improve my english. best regards cedric:wave:
  2. New Study Proves TV Advertising Advantages Still Relevant

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    There's been a lot of buzz lately about how streaming TV and online TV options are making cable TV moot. It has a lot of marketers asking the question, what is going to happen to the good old television advertisements we've all come to know and love? Well... that they've all come to love. Here's...
  3. New study compares prolonged exposure to violent games to cigarette habit

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    New study compares prolonged exposure to violent games to cigarette habit Research conducted at the Université Pierre-Mendès-France, carried out by analysts at Ohio State University and the University of Hohenheim, has found that prolonged exposure to videogames increases...
  4. Study Says Web-Connected HDTVs to Hit 650 Million by 2017

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: BigPictureBigSound
  5. Consumers Are Upgrading their TVs Faster, Says NPD Study

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: BigPictureBigSound
  6. Blu-ray & streaming gain traction, study shows

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: FlatPanelsHD
  7. Shooters, MMOs linked to problem game playing - study

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    A new study conducted by the Institute for Special Populations Research in New York reveals that some game genres are more prone to problem game-playing habits. Video-game addiction has become a widely debated public health issue both in the US and overseas in the last five years, despite...
  8. ESPN World Cup viewing study indicates viewers enjoy 3D more, ESPN 3D is 'on course'

    ESPN picked today to release the results of what it's calling "one of the most in-depth studies on 3DTV to date,"and not a moment too soon, in the midst of a media frenzy over statements that its just-launched 3D network still has yet to see a return on investment. After conducting over 1,000...
  9. Study Confronts Gamer Myths

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Study Confronts Gamer Myths By Mike Sharkey | Mar 25, 2010 Survey provides further evidence gamer stereotype all wrong. There's another study out today that provides statistical evidence gamers, by and large, are not acne-riddled...
  10. Dynamic Compression: A Case Study

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    This thread is for all discussion of the Dynamic Compression article found on AV Sound Lab.
  11. A study of clears - part two

    DIY Screens
    Part one is located here. Work on the Black Widow paint project has taken up a considerable amount of my time as of late. And my keen interest in 'taming' the 3:1 mixtures has inevitably led me back to clear coats. Through many trips to home improvement stores I have always taken note of...
  12. Study Shows "Non-Audiophiles" Can't Hear Difference Between 64 and 256 kbps MP3 Files

    AV Home Theater
    http://www.avrev.com/news/1207/13.mp3study.jpg According to a study released by Cognitive Daily, the average listener struggles to tell the difference in audio quality between the lowest-resolution MP3 files at 64 kbps and the so-called high-resolution 256 kbps files that are sold in limited...
  13. A Study In Clears

    DIY Screens
    So, I had a bunch of clear mediums and polyurethanes on hand. Found some red, green, blue and white paper in my kids craft section. Decided to see if different clear mediums show any major differences. I dabbed small amounts, with my finger, on each piece of paper. I wrote what the was medium...