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  1. Suggested ceiling height for small narrow 7 1/2 by 15 ft home theater

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Hello - I am going to build a home theater in a detached room that is limited in space. It was not built for a home theater but I'm determined it to make it one. The question I have is how high the ceiling should be to have optimal sound, of course I know the equipment will have a factor, but...
  2. Different set up filters suggested each time

    REW Forum
    John, why is it that when I have a frequency response that I want to EQ and I hit the Match Response To Target button, if I then hit Reset Filters for Current Measurement (to erase the suggested filters and start again) and then again hit the Match Response to Target again, a different set of...
  3. Suggested tweaks for the Gizmo?

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Hey, bit new hear and I was reading around that many of you have modded your Gizmos. Can I ask what are the best mods to do to improve the sound quality?
  4. Suggested system from a local HT Dealer

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Guys, anyone... Please let me know what you think is really worth getting from this list. I'm trying to get a monitor audio system for my HT room and a few other needed items. Here they are: Home Theater Monitor Audio Silver ... Silver Controlled Performance In-wall (each) 4 Monitor Audio...
  5. Suggested monoblock amps for MTS-01's???

    Let me start of by saying I'm still impressed by the MTS-01's! I'm working on the HT room and I have the speakers playing while I work. I find that when I take a break and sit in front of the speakers, I don't get up for quite a while. I would like to add some real power to the speakers and...
  6. Suggested sub placement procedure

    REW Forum
    Hi I was wondering what others are doing as a sequence to arrange their subs, running REW as an aid. I have two home made sealed subwoofers with 10" drivers. Both subs are 4 ohm ran by one channel of an older Yamaha natural sound amp which rating is 115WPC. Impedence on the amp is for 8 ohm so...
  7. Suggested Reading?

    DIY Speakers
    Hey, I recently became interested in DIY speakers/subwoofers and before I delve into the complicated area wanted to do some serious reading on speaker design and implementation so I could start out with a strong theoretical knowledge and then transfer it to real life eventually. I was wondering...