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  1. Looking For ATMOS Enabled System Suggestions?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Having a LOT of trouble finding a package that's ATMOS Enabled anybody have any systems they'd suggest?
  2. Speaker suggestions

    DIY Speakers
    I was very bored over the break so I started thinking about a floorstanding that I can build, here's the winISD files...Any suggestions?
  3. Need some suggestions

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Ok,I've been throwing up the idea of building my own sub,mainly for HT.I've been thinking of building four single 15" ported boxes,one on each side of my mains and directly across from them,one on each side of my couch.That is what my goal is 4,but I might just end up with the 2 next to my...
  4. Commercial Value of Build and Suggestions

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Through a stroke of bad luck that is a little more like good luck, my current DIY subwoofer has taken on some water damage and needs to be rebuilt. This this the bad luck. The good luck is that my insurance adjust wants to know the commercial value of this sub. Meaning, what it would cost to...
  5. suggestions needed for sound system/speakers on HTPC

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    hi guys ,this is my first post here. iam thinking of upgrading my sound system for my HTPC which is currently Sound Blaster x-fi platinum pro + logitech z-5500. its configured as follows: 1 - PC (connected directly to z-5500 via 6 CH Direct for EAX games) 2 - PC (connected via COAX for...
  6. Also needing suggestions for New AV receiver

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello forum, I am adding to my theather system since I purchased a new Plasma TV. I'll keep some of my components since I really like them but I really need a moderately priced HDMI A/V receiver to top off my system. I've read most suggestions from most all the experienced people on this site...
  7. Build plan suggestions for high efficiency bookshelves

    DIY Speakers
    Anyone have suggestions on build plans for bookshelves that have very decent SPL for their size? I already have a sub (with more on the way). I'm more interested in SPL than SQ. It would be nice to keep the price around $300 or less per speaker.
  8. Looking for some suggestions

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi i've been lurking on this website for quite some time now I've been thinking about building a DIY Subwoofer, but have no idea where to begin, I currently have a Velodyne DPS-12 it's alright but it doesn't put out nearly enough My room is 12' wide 21' deep and 8' tall i'm using a Yamaha...
  9. Suggestions on full system less drivers

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello everyone, I haven't had a dedicated HT for quite some time now. Last I had was a Kenwood VR-7070 that I LOVED to death, and I ran 6 pairs of Kicker DX 6X9's in dual sealed enclosures. 4ohm car drivers wired in series for 8 ohms, 3-way speakers... 6 pairs for 6.1 surround. I had a Kicker L7...
  10. def tech rear surrounds suggestions

    Home Audio Speakers
    First things first, hello, I'm a fan and I've learned tons on this site so far. Room The room in question is a "bonus room" which is 24' x 15', carpeted and the ceilings vault in starting at the 5' mark at a45 degrees with a flat ceiling that is 8' wide . the rear projection is in the wall...
  11. Suggestions about woofer EQ

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hey you woofer freaks, I have a question for you: When Eq'ing your subs, how do you do it? Do you go ahead and Eq way past their abilities, or do you stop at their F3 point (which is often disappointing)? If EQ'ing past their abilities, how so? Do you just nudge them, or push them hard? And...
  12. Suggestions for external sound card for notebook

    REW Forum
    I downloaded REW, got the CM-140 SPL meter and cables, and was ready to run REW on my notebook when I spotted the note about NOT using the mic-in jack on a notebook. How do I know if the jack on my notebook (a Dell Inspiron 6400) is mic-in or line-in? The description in the Vista Mixer says...
  13. Help or suggestions on 703

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi everyone new to the forum. I have a few questions i'm sure you all could answer. First my room is about 15x10x9, i'm wanting to add bass traps to the front 2 corners, but I can't do 24in wide panels will have to cut them down to about 15-18in. How I plan to do this is go with 4in panels...
  14. Suggestions for 18" enclosure type?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I know the collective wisdom on this site is going be a great help. I am going to build two subs, one going into an inside corner, the other on the apex of an outside corner. The total space volume is 3200 cu. ft., with three doors ( open passages) emptying from the room on one side. The room...
  15. Suggestions on Budget Bass Amplifier and Equalisation

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi, Running a Marantz PM30se on a Pair of Goodmans Magnum SL's. What Bass Amp would you recommend to power a Sub and also how would i connect it. Im on a starter kit Budget because ive only just became Hooked. Can i run a Plate amp or can i run a Crossover from a Pioneer SA-520 ( which has a...
  16. Would Appreciate Suggestions

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am getting one Mach 5 IXL 18.2.2 driver, maybe two, but would like to use REW to see the response graph after moving the box(s). I have a Dell Inspiron B130 Laptop that REW is installed on, and everything is stock (except for the battery but that doesn't matter lol). I would like to...
  17. acoustical plan - suggestions wanted

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have a plan, I just don't know if it is a good one. Most of my decisions were based on what I gather from here and other places on the web. A little background: My dedicated basement HT is 14'5"w x 24'8"l x 8'h, there is a riser (2 layers 3/4" ply stuffed with glass) in the back for the...
  18. 2 Channel guy with SET amp and Horns going to use REW - Suggestions wanted.

    REW Forum
    I have a 45 tube SET amp system with Horns in a dedicated 2 Channel system. I build some custom crossovers for it and my plan is to use REW to see if it looks as good on paper as it sounds. Or can the crossover be tweaked. I currently have Klispch Bass Bins and Tweeters with Altec 1005B horns...
  19. Suggestions for a new HTPC System?

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Hi all. I am new to HomeTheaterShack. It seems the folks around here know a thing or two and I could use some advice... I am starting from scratch. I am looking to build a dedicated HTPC and, using a (probably wired) network, distribute content to a couple of remote HDTVs through additional...
  20. New theater suggestions

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    OK I'm starting with nothing but a Yamaha M-80 amp for my sub(s) and I will most likely buy a 720p projector for now because I have so many things to get.I really like Paradigm speakers but dont have a local dealer for a listening session.Right now I would appreciate somr advice on wiring and...