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  1. Official DVD and Blu-ray Reviews
    http://www.hometheatershack.com/gallery/file.php?n=73945 Title: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice - Ultimate Edition Movie: :3stars: Video: :4.5stars: Audio: :5stars: Extras: :4stars: HTS Overall Score:87 http://www.hometheatershack.com/gallery/file.php?n=73913Summary DC...
  2. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    What do you make of THIS? http://www.theverge.com/2014/5/21/5738804/batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice-title-announced
  3. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    http://wallstcheatsheet.com/stocks/its-official-superman-batman-is-coming.html/?ref=YF Not sure if I care, ultimately, for the sort of "literal" title they gave this...but, apparently, Zack Snyder is back in the director's chair based on the success of Man of Steel and while Henry Cavill should...
  4. Great Deals and Specials
    Only $49.99 62% OFF | MSRP: $129.98 473 Available | 0 Sold as of 12/08/11 10:10am CST Free Shipping
  5. Databass of Movies with Deep Bass (DMDB)
    "Superman Returns" HD-DVD DD+ TrueHD Blu-ray TrueHD LPCM 1. Planet Explodes, Chap 1 2. Chap 3 3. Model Train Set Quake, Chap 9 4. Faint Pop of a Sonic Boom, Chap, 10 5. 777/Shuttle Problems, Chap 11
  6. Official DVD and Blu-ray Reviews
    Superman II: Richard Donner Cut “Thank God for the Internet...” Director Richard Donner says of the grass roots movement that made this version of the film possible. According to the featurette Superman II: Restoring the Vision, they had to sift through several tons of film that arrived by...
  7. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    I have owned so many copies of this movie it makes my head spin. I had a special edition widescreen VHS copy, a laserdisc copy, a DVD copy, and now a HD DVD copy to add to the mix. Out of all of these, none has come close to the quality we see on this HD DVD disc. All of my previous copies...
  8. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    So I picked this up at the local Blockbuster the day it came out. Wow,... totally underwhelmed! I was expecting a better film. Sound was very good, PQ was Ok, story, so, so,...but I think I was most disappointed with the characters and actors who portrayed them. I just kept thinking the...
  9. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    In this Movie Marquee Shane along with special guest Jonathan, a senior writer for EyeCraveDVD.com, discuss what makes Bryan Singer’s new incarnation of the Superman Returns work for them. Movie Marquee: Superman Returns
  10. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    My wife, daughter and I went to see this on July 4th at the Imax theater. I dont even want to mention the story line itself, to many debates Ive seen on that. But I did want to mention the picture quality itself. :::huh: Maybe this was the theater itself but I thought the picture quality was...
1-11 of 12 Results