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    I need to find a media playback streamer/server that supports the highest possibe audio quality. I want at least 24/96 or 48/192, but preferably the later. I realize that might not be necessary but I am totally about this sort of thing, just so you know. I am not going to bother with streaming...
  2. Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Anonymous To “Destroy” Sony’s Online Network for SOPA Support With Sony’s online service hacked and brought down earlier in the year by internet activists Anonymous, gamers everywhere suffered from the downtime of the PlayStation Network and its subsequent hack. Unfortunately, if you...
  3. REW Forum
    I have a MINIDsp 2x8. I am running REW V5.01 Beta 7. Under EQ it indicates support for MINIDsp-96k. Does this mean support for the MINIDsp 2x8 and 8x8? Are there instructions somewhere for transfering data from REW to the MINIdsp? Thanks, Mike Feezor mdfeezor
41-43 of 118 Results