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  1. Surge and lightning protection and power conditioning

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I know this is a topic that has been covered before, but I do not see any discussions in the last 5 years so I am looking for inout based on the what is now available. While I will value all input, I would really love to hear from people who actually own the equipment and have had personal...
  2. Can I hang a surge protector on the wall, behind the Wall mounted TV?

    System Setup and Connection
    - My power outlet is all way down to the floor - My TV is mounted on the wall - I want to hang a surge protector on the wall, right behind my TV - That way, I can easily hide the TV and Cable box power cables and connect them to the surge protector. - I want to connect an extension cable in my...
  3. Do you recommend 2 surge power strips?

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    Is on surge protector power strip adequate? Or should I have one for AVR, BDP, & TV with a second one for subwoofers?
  4. No MOV surge suppressor/power strip

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    Just purchased a pre/pro and 2 channel power amp. This will be added to a 3 channel amp, subwoofer amp, HDTV, and then components with negligible draw, a turntable, phono preamp, Blu-ray player and a universal player. My biggest problem is, only one 120V 15A dual outlet is available. I need a...
  5. Power Conditioner / Surge Protector / UPS for 20A Dedicated Line

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    Hey folks, Newbie here, and I know this has been discussed ad nauseam but I have read so many conflicting opinions that I thought I'd ask for your advice anyways. I am setting up my home theater system and have asked the electrician to provide a dedicated 20amp line to where my media rack will...
  6. Projector Surge Protector ?

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    Looking for advice on a surge protector for a ceiling mounted projector. The outlet is on the ceiling above the projector. I would only need to plug in the one power cord. Any recommendations for a quality surge protector ?
  7. Surge protectors to go behind a wall mounted TV

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    I want to mount a large display (65-70inches) on a wall and I'd like to somehow mount an AppleTV and a DirecTV mini receiver behind the TV so I do not need to have shelves. 1. Can anyone recommend some type of flat surge protector that I can plug the TV into that will also provide the...
  8. Better to plug a sub into the wall or surge protector ok?

    Probably a dumb question. Better to plug a sub into the wall or surge protector ok? I've seen some people mentioning that surge protectors can be current limiting and lower dynamics for a power amp.. is that a myth? What about a more expensive power conditioner?
  9. Using appliance surge protectors with extension cords?

    Chat Box SWAMP
    We got a new refrigerator last week and like every other appliance these days, it has on-board electronics. Just something else to break as far as I’m concerned – they can’t figure out how to make an icemaker that will last the life of the ’fridge, so they give us this instead. Whatever...
  10. Surge Protectors that DO NOT limit curent to amplifiers

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    Can someone post the best choices for surge protectors that DO NOT limit current to amplifiers (receivers). And better yet, can someone post the commonly available surge protectors/filters that work the WORST in Home Theater systems. This I believe would be very helpfuly to many readers of...
  11. Surge protector

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    Hey I'm looking for a surge protector.. I have a avr,crown xls 1500, Xbox, blu ray, and direct tv.. Not looking to spend huge amount but Isis here the more jewels the better quality to your components as far as clean power
  12. Looking For: Single Outlet Surge Protector for Projector

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    Hey guys, thanks for offering such a great forum. I just have a quick question: I'm trying to protect a 3000 dollar projector, and I'm not sure what kind of single socket surge protector I should use. I was thinking about using a long (30+) foot extension cord, and connecting it to my Backup...
  13. surge protectors

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    I am looking to purchase a new surge protector,along with keeping the cost down as i am on a fixed income.I have been looking at the Siig ce-sp0312-s1 A/V powersaverPro. It is about $80.00 and rated at 6700 joules.My equipment is Onkyo HT-rc460 Onkyo TX-sv727 for the 2channel,Sony blue ray...
  14. Surge Protection Upgrade Question

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    I currently have the Tripp Lite Home Theater Surge Protector, but I've been looking at the /1/"]Ethereal Power Manager 2000. Is it worth switching? What are the reasons for switching or not? Thanks
  15. Recommended Surge protectors

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    Was wondering a good surge protector for my equipment 7 outlet or maybe buying 2
  16. Leviton Surge Protecting Outlet

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Was wondering if anyone was using these? I was looking at the 5280, for one of my duplex outlets by the stand. My sub is in a spot that makes it tough to get to the surge protector, so I figured replacing the outlet and plugging it in direct was the best move.
  17. Belkin 12 outlet surge protector $20 free shipping

    Great Deals and Specials
  18. Philips 8 Outlet Home Theater Surge Protector - Only $15.99 - Save 54%

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    Only $15.99 54% OFF | MSRP: $34.99 1935 Avaialable | 65 Sold as of 08/19/10 4:10pm CDT Free Shipping
  19. Philips 8 Outlet Home Theater Surge protector - Only $15.99 - Save 54%

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    Only $15.99 54% OFF | MSRP: $34.99 2000 Avaialable | 0 Sold as of 08/19/10 2:10pm CDT Free Shipping
  20. Surge Protection Question

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    I installed a whole-house surge suppressor system on main panel, CATV and telco lines (Eaton CHSPULTRA, DCXCAB2, and DHW4PT, respectively) last year. Between that and my point-of-use surge protection power strips and outlets serving nearly all of my electronics, I was feeling pretty good about...