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  1. Genelec 7050B vs 7060B vs SVS PB-2000

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Hi! I'm building a 5.1 setup consisting of 2x Bang & Olufsen Beovox 5000 Flat Panel speakers (1989 model), 2x Bang & Olufsen Beovox 3000 Flat Panel speakers (1989 model) and 1x BeoLab 7.1 center speaker (2005 model). The only thing missing is the subwoofer. I live in a small one-bedroom...
  2. subwoofer advice, DIY vs SVS SB16

    AV Home Theater
    don't make fun of the following I have a history with subs... 1st real sub was a sunfire, it shook things but was muddy and not too fun. Also had to have it repaired twice. Before repairing it the third time I went DIY with a Bill Fitzmaurice Tuba HT LP folded horn. It was very efficient, huge...
  3. Bi-amping the SVS Ultra Towers

    Has anyone tried bi-amping the SVS Ultra Towers and if so what did you think of the result? Was there much of an improvement?
  4. Budget home theater sub - SVS PB-1000 or Hsu ULS-15 MK1?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello, I am looking for a new subwoofer for our home theater. It is an L-shaped open area in the basement of about 3,900 cubic feet. The other speakers are Paradigm Monitor 9 towers, Monitor 3 center, and Surround 1 surrounds along with 2 Triad OmniRound8's in the bar and two RBH VA815's in the...
  5. SVS SB16-Ultra Review

    Speaker and Subwoofer Reviews
    Picture courtesy of SVS SVS SB16-Ultra By Jim Wilson (theJman) Introduction The subject of this review is the SV Sound (SVS) SB16-Ultra. The SB16-Ultra is a sealed subwoofer that utilizes a 16" front firing driver. Relative to the size of this driver the enclosure is not terribly large...
  6. SVS Prime Elevation Speaker Review

    Speaker and Subwoofer Reviews
    SVS refers to its Prime Elevation speaker ($199 each) as “the world’s most versatile home theater speaker.” While that reads like blanket marketing jargon, it may in fact be true. Elevation, you see, is a highly adaptable and well-designed dynamo that delivers big on performance and...
  7. SVS SB16-Ultra Review Discussion Thread

    Picture courtesy of SVS SVS SB16-Ultra By Jim Wilson (theJman) Do I even need to write a Conclusion section for this review? After reading through my evaluation is there anyone who doesn't already know what I'm going to say? If it's not painfully obvious at this point let me spell it...
  8. SVS Prime Elevation Speaker Review Discussion Thread

    SVS refers to its Prime Elevation speaker ($199/pair) as “the world’s most versatile home theater speaker.” While that sounds like blanket marketing jargon, it may in fact be true. Elevation, you see, is a highly adaptable and well-designed dynamo that delivers big on performance and...
  9. svs prime towers 5.1 vs roger sound labs cg24 5.1?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    hi all what would be better for home theatre and music use the svs prime towers 5.1 package or the roger sound labs 5.1 package can the small cg24 put out the same performance as,the towers and Soundstage and dynamics as well also which speaker has the better midrange thanks
  10. SVS Prime Elevation- Unboxing and Pre-Review Update

    I have a couple of exciting reviews on the plate, one of which is SVS Sound's new Prime Elevation speaker. Elevation is a versatile speaker designed specifically for enthusiasts looking to implement immersive sound in their theater room. The speaker was officially announced during CES 2016 and...
  11. SVS Sound Announces Mega-Black Friday Sale for Its SB12-NSD

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Here we sit, days away from the official start of Holiday shopping madness, and the deal machine is nearly in full swing. Everyone is looking to get a leg-up on the competition by advertising forthcoming sale prices, which is great news for enthusiasts dreaming about shiny new gear. What’s...
  12. Attend an SVS 16-Ultra Launch Party and Win a 5.1.2 Prime Speaker System!

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    On the heels of last week’s bombshell subwoofer reveals, SVS Sound is hitting the road to host a series of events with partners around the United States. The good news is that these events will give enthusiasts a chance to hear the company’s new 16-Ultra Series subwoofers and Elevation speakers...
  13. would the svs elevation speakers be a good match

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    hi i have just bought a denon x6200w amp with a roger sound labs cg24 5.2 speaker package with 2extra cg4 speakers to make it 7.2 with i will connect the 2 main front and centre to a emotiva xpa3 amp using blue jeans cables i will use a panasonic ub900ebk 4k player my question is you have...
  14. SVS SounthPath Ultra Speaker Cables

    Home Audio Speakers
    I know there is much talk about speaker wires mainly being all the same as far is sound is concerned but if you go from plain speaker wire like 14 gauge to this one on the link will there be any benefit whatsoever? I own SVS Prime Towers and Center...
  15. SVS introducing the 16-Ultra series

    https://www.svsound.com/pages/16-ultra-series SB16-Ultra will be $1999.99 PB16-Ultra will be $2499.99 New amps with a smartphone DSP app as well. Front controls look nice. I definitely hope they can be dimmed or turned off because they look pretty bright. I'd like to see them up on data-bass...
  16. SVS Announces Its NEW 16-Ultra Series Flagship Subwoofers (SB16 Ultra and PB16 Ultra)

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    SVS has turned October into “Shock-tober” with the official announcement of two new killer subwoofer models due to be unveiled today at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016. The new 16-Ultra Series, comprised of the sealed SB16 Ultra ($1999) and ported PB16-Ultra ($2499), represents the company’s new...
  17. SVS Sound Officially Launches Its Prime Elevation Speaker

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Earlier this year, SVS Sound hit CES 2016 with its brand new speaker creation called Prime Elevation. Yesterday, following months of refinement and preparation, the company announced that Elevation is officially available and ready to ship. Prime Elevation is a compact direct radiating...
  18. SVS SB13-Ultra up 4 sell

    Anyone looking for a beast of a sub, make me an offer. Cash is king and local pickup is desired, N.C. area this sub still has 2yrs left of the transferable warranty.
  19. Dual PSA S3600i vs. dual SVS PB13-Ultras – Finding bass nirvana and lessons learned

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I’ve had the good fortune of having a pair of dual SVS PB13-Ultras (with the BASH amps) in my 1,700 (12’ x 16’ x 9’ H) cubic foot room. I’ve run them extensively in 15 Hz, 20 Hz and sealed modes seeking bass bliss. The PB13 Ultras sound great, no denying that – however, I never quite found...
  20. Need more impact! – 3 SVS PB-13U vs. 2 PSA S3600i vs. 1 DIY Othorn 21” vs. 2 JTR Captivator S1

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I’ve got a relatively small 1,700 cubic foot (12’ x 16’ x 9’ H) home theater currently served by a pair of SVS PB-13U subs. They are well balanced in the room, have a relatively flat response at the MLP through 90 Hz and achieve peaks of around 116 dB on bass scenes in movies (I can’t push it...