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  1. The SWAMP! - Volume Two

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Thanks for the concern regarding the dog. I am sure she will be fine and should heal up ok. Sorry to hear about your dog, I really do understand them being members of the family. YouTube - sani and her boomer ball Edit: Not a flip pic as such rather a video. This is our girl playing with...
  2. Greetings from the Swamp

    New Member Introductions
    Hello every body just posting my entrance to these forums. However I know its nothing to spectacular but I'm looking forward to learning a bit from everyone. I use to be a huge car audio nut now I fell for some home audio. I just ordered my first "Real" reciever and plan on getting some nice...
  3. The SWAMP! - Volume One

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Welcome to Volume One of the SWAMP! (Shackster's Weird And Mysterious Posts)... named by our very own Fincave! Here we will talk pretty much about nothing... or anything you like. Just say hello, good moaning (or morning), goodnight, or whatever floats your boat. The idea is to get to know...