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  1. My adequate system.

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Still a work in progress but I have a decent system running. My projection unit is an Epson Home Cinema 6100 projecting on a DIY Laminate DW screen (4' x 8') my amp is a Denon 3802 7.1 system. Its an older amp but it still sounds incredible. My Denons back channels crapped out so I decided...
  2. Conversion from old to new system.

    System Setup and Connection
    I have searched the threads but can't find any on this subject. I am on the verge of changing my existing equipment to all new technology. I think I have the ability to wire up and do the settings for the new components. But, since I don't anticipate that I will be able to accomplish the...
  3. my secret special surround sound system.

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Hodge podged together from inexpensive stuff, mostly acquired over a long period of time, but pleases me never the less. Pardon the mess, I was building a piece of equipment for another mastering engineer. Toshiba 26HF66 cathod ray tube HDTV SR-S3911U S-VHS recorder (fed by Digital Stream...
  4. Low audio sound on my theater system.

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello. I have a yamaha theater system model # htr-5830. I had it since 2007, but I just noticed this problem today when I watch TV or DVDs thru it the volume has to be at -7 to 0 to hear anything. however when listening to a CD or MP3, or the am/fm or XM radio thru it -26 is loud enough...
  5. Active sub with passive system.

    System Setup and Connection
    Am helping a friend put together a system for his living room, consisting of the following: 3 x Behringer Truth B2031P (L + C + R) 2 x Behringer Truth B2030P (rears / surrounds) 1 x Behringer B2092A - Active Subwoofer. 5.1 Receiver - yet to be decided upon. Either Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha or...
  6. Help setting up my Sony BDV-E500W system.

    System Setup and Connection
    I have Sony's 500W system and I want to connect my PS3 and Xbox 360 to the receiver. The problem is that the receiver only has one optical input. Now, I've found a couple of solutions that may work. I've read about an optical selector switch that lets you have multiple devices plugged into...
  7. Buying a sound surround sound system.

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi, I am looking to buy a surround sound system and I been thinking of buying the svssound complete set of this: 5.1 Enhanced Audiophile Package: One pair STS-01's, SCS-01 center channel, and matching pair of high output SCS-01(M) surrounds, sub PC12-NSD powered cyl + One pair of their speaker...
  8. Total Newb to the Home Theater world needs some guidance on a all in one system. PLEASE HELP!

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I have been doing some researching and finally said I need some professional help! I have only been looking for a home theater system for about 3 days and am more confused then ever. I am not looking for something that is off the wall. Just a basic in box ready to hook up system. Here are my...
  9. Need help finding a good 1K bluray system.

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hey, I really need some advice: I'm looking to buy a whole new home theater set-up that can support 1080p Blu-ray and the new lossless audio. I just ordered a new Samsung 50" LCD, but I need a system to support it. I've looked at the Onkyo 606, and it looks pretty good, but how does it compare...