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  1. Two Channel Audio
    Good afternoon everyone: One of my neighbors is in the market for an old school vinyl record player, an amplifier and two decent speakers (I didn't know that people even listened to vinyl anymore, by the way, but fortunately they still do apparently). His budget is about $5 k max for...
  2. System Setup and Connection
    I am in the market for a HD Projector. Im looking at Optoma HD20 1080p. It has 2 HDMI ports. My question is if I buy a receiver with 5+ HDMI ports do I run a HDMI cable from the projector to the receiver and plug all my other systems into the receiver with HDMI cables? Syetems include...
  3. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi guys, my names mark and I've recently discovered this scene and am really interested. So i want to get started and here is my situation. I've got perhaps and odd question. whilst rummaging through a bunch of old stuff I found something that i thought may be useful. I found the amp out of...
  4. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Here's my current system: Yamaha RX-V1400RDS AV amplifier* Yamaha KX-380 tape deck* Yamaha DVD-S550 DVD player* Yamaha CDX-993 CD player* Yamaha MDX-793 MiniDisc player* Yamaha PX-2 turntable* Yamaha PF-1000 turntable Technics SL-10 turntable Meridian M60 active floorstanders* Meridian M60C...
  5. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    hello guys! im kate and i need your suggestion... i need video recording system to my house because every night i here something in the back yard of my house... thanks in advance! kate
1-5 of 5 Results