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  1. windows tablet with rew

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    Has anyone used windows tablet with rew for your room Measurements like asus transformers or other of its kind i think of Replacing my laptop with one thanks
  2. Tablet Remote for Complete HT Control

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    I've been looking for a touch pad remote for control of everything in my HT and have read about several Android apps that can do everything and have received somewhat good reviews. With price drops on tablets from Samsung and Asus it seems to me that going this route along with app cost might...
  3. The pursuit of the perfect tablet remote

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    Hi everyone. I'm a HTS noob with only a member introduction post to my credit so I thought I would create a post with my experiences so far with a tablet remote. As many or all on this forum can appreciate, the pursuit of the perfect remote to control the media room is both never-ending and...
  4. Amazon brings "second screen" TV feature to its Kindle Fire HDX tablets

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    Amazon brings "second screen" TV feature to its Kindle Fire HDX tablets Amazon plans to take the functionality of tablets a step further and into the living room with its new line of Kindle Fire HDX devices. The new living room feature adds to Amazon's Instant Video service, by providing users...
  5. Tablet as a remote...

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    I will be purchasing an Android tablet, either a Samsung Note 10.1 or an ASUS Transformer, and I wanted to use it for a remote for at least two of my three home entertainment systems. There seems to be a few approaches to acheiving what I want; 1) Use an IR attached or builtin to the tablet...
  6. Sony's $25,000 XBR 4K LED Ultra HDTV and tablet remote control hands-on

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    Source: Engadget
  7. BlackPad - BlackBerry Tablet?

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    I thought this was interesting: http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/gaming.gadgets/09/22/cnet.blackberry.tablet/index.html Is a BlackBerry tablet coming next week? blackpad.com (currently nothing there) Mike
  8. VidaBox adds tablet control for its Media Center PCs, iPad is first in line

    Tablet control for HTPCs is nothing new to VidaBox, but with users quickly buying up tablets of their own it's switched focus from the proprietary vPad and $2,600 TouchClient to wider compatibility through web apps. This iPad control interface demonstrated at the Asian Pacific CEDIA Expo, lets...