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  1. Audyssey and Tactile Transducers

    Audio Processing
    I just had a thought while I was reading through some of the processing threads. What's the appropriate way to set up transducers (Buttkickers, Aura Bass Shakers, etc.) in a setup that is EQ'ed by Audyssey? There seem to be lots of different situations... single sub, dual sub with single...
  2. .1 and tactile transducers

    System Setup and Connection
    Im helping a friend of mine with his HT. He was asking me what to do about getting more low frequency information without adding more subs. My suggestion was to consider the Aura Bassshaker. He has authentic theater seats (similar to my own) and would mount one to each seat. The receiver is a...
  3. FS: Aura Tactile Transducers "Pro Bass Shakers"

    Classifieds - Speakers and Subwoofers
    For sale are (3) Aura "Pro Bass Shakers", (Tactile transducers). > HERE < is the webpage from PartsExpress where I bought them about three years ago. They've not been used in over a year, they've stayed mounted under my home theater seating chairs. I still have the original boxes. The current...
  4. BFD and Tactile Transducers?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Hi All, I picked up a DSP1124P yesterday in the hopes of getting my feet wet with REW for measurements and corrections for my sub. As I understand from all of the reading so far, the BFD has two channels (12 filters for each, or 24 for one..). Would it be feasible to have one channel used for...
  5. Looking for a musical sub with tactile effects for HT

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I'm just getting into hifi so I want a sub that's considered musical but don't want to loose the tactile sensation for action packed movies. My wife is bent on a sub that is on the compact side of the spectrum and prefers maple veneer. My combo HT room Living room is 3800 cubic feet with a...