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  1. Smith Freeman of SVS Shares Center Channel Advice and Discusses Company Offerings

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    The center channel and its unique horizontal design is an unmistakable centerpiece of most multi-channel set-ups. Designed to fit neatly above or below a screen, it’s tasked with carrying a tremendous amount of audio information including dialog, movie sound effects, and music, making it a key...
  2. Sledgehammer talks up MW3 frame rate and engine improvements

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Sledgehammer talks up MW3 frame rate and engine improvements Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield has said Modern Warfare 3′s frame rate is its “competitive edge”, and dismissed critique of the game’s engine. “This game will run at 60 frames a second. Not sure any of our...
  3. James Cameron talks Avatar's theatrical, Blu-ray Special Editions

    This weekend Avatar comes back for more in theaters, packing an extra 8 and a half minutes and only available in 3D. According to director James Cameron, part of the reason is there are so many more 3D cinemas now than there were before, especially internationally. If you're still holding...
  4. Black creator talks up Bodycount on PS3, 360

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    Q&A: Shooter specialist Stuart Black shares details on "glossy techno-thriller" shooter, due out in Q1 2011; says Black 2 "bit the dust" at EA. In 2008, EA Games president Frank Gibeau admitted Electronic Arts was pondering a sequel to Black, its gun-centric, 2006 shooter for the...