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  1. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    My sub build is coming along nicely, and I'm working on getting the power side of it figured out too. The problem I'm having is that it seems I can't get a signal from my Denon 791 receiver to go into the pro-audio stuff I hook up. It works fine for my itty bitty subwoofer with a plate amp, but...
  2. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    I just got a deal on one of these amps for use towards my subwoofer project. 400 watts / channel bridgeable into 800. I figure it'll do a couple of decent drivers just nicely. Anyone have experience with these amps? It certainly is a beast. Now just to find deal on a couple of drivers and get...
  3. Home Audio Speakers
    Hey guys, I currently run a Marantz S8300 reciever, with JBL speakers. (I know, certainly not audophile), but it works. I just picked up a 2 sets of Tapco S5 monitors, and I thought, why not use them as front and rears in a 6.1 system. They seem like very nice clean speakers, good sound, at...
  4. Two Channel Audio
    Does anyone have, or have opinions on, the amplifiers from Tapco? I am looking at the model 1400. The spec sheet says 2 x 800W into 2 ohms. I would be using it as an upgrade on my home stereo/theater. :woohoo:
1-4 of 4 Results