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  1. Filter tasks

    REW Forum
    Within the 'EQ' part of the REW program, what 'match range' filter tasks do you use for full range speakers?
  2. After Running Rew: Filter tasks

    REW Forum
    I may end up with a SMS-1. My questions are when after running rew I go to the filter task on EQ, what should my inputs be for Individual Max Boost, Overall Max Boost and Flatness? This is my rew in the best position that I could find in the room, no Audyssey, just the sub. Thanks.
  3. Disabling system tasks during DVD playback

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Last night I was watching a movie on my HTPC and part way through the movie the playback stuttered for a few seconds then everything was okay. When I finished the movie and closed the player application a pop up window showed that a Windows update has been downloaded and needed to be installed...