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  1. Home Audio Speakers
    Sound Bars. While I know they have a place, for me the Jury is still out on them as far as I`m concerned. Could be that my first experience was almost 3 years ago, with Yamaha`s unit. To say the least, I was under whelmed. Not impressed at all. Which brings me to this sound bar by Definitive...
  2. Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    hello Iam new pls I just bout a power amp a ebay definity technology super cube III I want to use to make a subwoofer any imput ,help thx...
  3. Home Audio Speakers
    I have a Definitive Technology C/L/R 2500 as my center channel, BP-30 speakers as my L/R mains and a Velodyne DD10 (1250 watts rms, 3000 watts peak) rear sub. Since I already have a hearty sub, it's rumored if I replace my C/L/R 2500 with a C/L/R 2000 (that happens to have the same 6 1/2 inch...
  4. Home Audio Speakers
    My system consists of the following Definitive Technology speakers: C/L/R 2500 center channel BP-30 left & right mains BP2X rear surounds (Velodyne DD10 sub) I was thinking of selling the C/L/R 2500 center and the pair of BP-30 speakers, replaceing them with the following Klipsch speakers...
  5. AV Home Theater
    Went to see Beowulf in an IMAX theater this weekend, and it has some HEAVY DUTY sub action to be sure. I sat in a different location than last time, and got curious about how the IMAX theaters are designed with their 12K watts of audio. Does anyone know how to find out more about the IMAX...
  6. AV Home Theater
    I've often wondered exactly how some laser can pick up an audio and video signal and actually transfer it to sound and picture. Sounds like it would be complicated. Can anyone explain it in layman terms?
  7. General Service and Technical Information
    I emailed Definitive asking for a schematic for one of their subwoofer units and got an alomost immediate response from Chet, with the information attached. This is quite rare these days, both in terms of the quick response and the willingness to provide support data. This company just went to...
  8. Home Audio Speakers
    Hello all, I have one C/L/R 2500 center, two BP 1.2x surrounds and one Velodyne DD-10 sub. I'm look for good sounding mains now for movies. I was thinking of buying either a used pair of BP8B, BP10 or BP20 speakers because of my available funding. I like the idea of BiPolars for the mains...
  9. Home Audio Speakers
    Greetings all, My center channel is a C/L/R 2500, my mains are a pair of BP8B towers, my rear surround is a pair of BP 1.2x speakers and my sub is a Velox DD10 in the back of the room. What speaker size settings do you recommend for each of my speakers? I'm totally lost when it comes to...
  10. Home Audio Speakers
    I've been a happy Definitive Technology speaker owner for a few years now. However the time has come for a few updates and my relative lack of listening experience brings me here for your advice. Here are the two components of my theatre system I'm keeping: 1) Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS A/V...
  11. Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Definitive Technology www.definitivetech.com 11433 Cronridge Dr. Suite K Owings Mills, MD 21117 410-363-7148 410-363-9998 fax [email protected]
  12. Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Phase Technology Corp. www.phasetech.com 6400 Youngerman Circle Jacksonville, FL 32244 904-777-0700 888-742-7385 [email protected]
  13. Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Wood Technology, Inc. www.wood-tech.com 1317 Emmanuel Church Road P.O. Box 130 Conover, NC 28613 704-459-2181
  14. Home Audio Speakers
    Hello all! I am new to all this higher end home theater stuff. I currently have a Sony 7.1 reciver with small cube speakers.:sad: I have been looking at the Atlantic Technology speakers and the Klipsch line. The room is 16 x 30 that has a vaulted ceiling and opens into another room. My budget...
  15. Home Audio Subwoofers
    Gentlemen, check out THIS http://blog.stereophile.com/cedia2006/091606thigpen/ and THIS http://blog.stereophile.com/cedia2006/091906soundfield/ RG
81-95 of 102 Results