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  1. I.S.C.T. 1st Images of new dual 8” - 12” PR Enclosure Template Build Up ….

    DIY Speakers
    In all my research over time I have mostly been looking for Driver chassis which are distinctively different and suited in correspondence to some of my own enclosure ideas. The two driver chassis I became extremely interested in, and these I found only a few weeks ago were the ‘Tang Band W8-740P...
  2. GR Research/Rythmik Audio F12 Review Template

    Reviewers Private Forum
    Foreword: I was provided a Rythmik F12 Subwoofer consisting of GR Research's SW-12-04 Subwoofer Servo Driver and Rythmik's AE370PEQ Amplifier. These two came loaded in the Rythmik provided enclosure and sold as the FG12. Dale has provided testing of the loaded enclosure; you can find it here...
  3. Geometry or Convergence?!

    Hi, I had a tech come to my place a while back to fix the convergence on my Hitachi 53FDX, he did that via the service menu he accessed using a button on the lower left of my tv behind a panel he removed in the front. I cant complain about the color, the reds, greens and blues are all lined up...
  4. is convergence template nesessary?

    I got a hitachi 46f510 for free because the picture was screwed up. replaced both stks and got marked improvement but picture was still bad. purchased service manual. although I have recently found that you tell us not to hit the blue button with power off, when going through the manual it...
  5. hole template or jig for 15" driver?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I was just planning on cutting it out with a jig saw but need to find a template or something to make a pattern to follow? any suggestions?