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  1. Tension or manual

    General Screen Discussion
    So i have a 14x18 room seating is about 12-15 feet range light controlled painted black. I have a benq1070 and am looking to buy a screen. Been looking at 135 or 150inch dont know which yet. But its going to be a elite screen ethier the starling tension which is about 900 bucks or a manaual...
  2. VApex 106" Tab Tension motorized screen

    Manufactured Screens
    OK, I am new to The Shack, so hello! Have been a regular on AVS for many years - I am glad to have discovered another forum for great information. It was suggested on another thread I put up a review of our VApex 106" tab tensioned electric screen... so here goes. I decided to go this route as...
  3. Elite Screens Evanesce Tension Series

    Manufactured Screens
    Does anyone know if the Evanesce Tension Series by Elite screens is available? It's on there website, but I cant find it for sale anywhere. :scratch:
  4. High Tension

    Databass of Movies with Deep Bass (DMDB)
    "High Tension" (2003) (aka Haute Tension) French 1. Chap 1 (0:01:24)
  5. Easy Way to Tension Retractable Screen?

    General Screen Discussion
    I have an non-tensioned retractable screen that is doing the "expected "warping. Is there a straightforward way to tension the surface? I am open to permanent or temporary solutions. Thanks, John