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  1. DIY Screens
    I want a DIY 120" fixed screen that can be easily put up and taken down for storage, transport, and so little kids can't damage it when it's not being used. I know the main approach recommended here is painting. This won't work for me because there's a window in the middle of the wall where I...
  2. Manufactured Screens
    Hello! Looking for a tensioned screen that can be mounted from the ceiling.. this is the only way to mount it. Any recommendations on some lower end/inexpensive screens around 100"? Thank you!
  3. General Screen Discussion
    I'm in the market for an inexpensive screen that must be ceiling mounted with tension. I stumbled on this 92" diagonal da-lite, but wondering how effective that tension arm will be. The price is so low, I'm wondering if the level of quality is there. Here's a link for additional specs...
  4. DIY Screens
    Hey, all, I am planning my HT and I just ended up with a great find--a large Da Lite motorized screen from an office that was getting remodeled. It's a beast; the case is huge and made from steel instead of aluminum. But it's a well-working motorized case! The screen material is worn and 4:3...
  5. General Screen Discussion
    I just installed a Focopix tab tensioned 92in electric screen ordered from HTDEPOT.com and thought I would share impressions. This screen is very well built, comes with RF remote so you can tuck away screen above drop ceiling if you wish. There is also a hard wired trigger if needed. It comes...
1-5 of 5 Results